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The Onion Predicted In 2008 That Miley Cyrus Would Be 'Drained Of Entertainment Value By 2013'


It’s almost spooky how accurate this goofy Miley Cyrus as national resource Onion spoof from five years ago was.

Most experts believed that Miley Cyrus would be drained dry of entertainment value by 2013, was the premise, and author of the gloom and doom best seller, “The Impending Miley Crisis” thought it could even happen as early as 2010.

“Miley Researcher” Dr. Justin Canty from the “Institute of Sustainable Cyrus Use” solemnly noted that Miley is a “potent entertainment resource, but we are overusing her at unprecedented levels.”

When the anchor noted that Disney plans to “pump songs and shows” from Miley for five more years, Canty shot back, “she won’t last that long! Within two years she’ll be little more than a withered, desiccated husk and she won’t be causing anyone any amusement – at all. “

Judging from most reactions I’ve seen, Miley’s gruesome act at the VMAs Sunday night caused very little amusement in her audience. Will Smith and his family looked appalled. I couldn’t watch more than a couple minutes of the disturbing display, myself. 

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