VIDEO: Who Do Americans Think is a Worse President, Obama or Putin?

VIDEO: Who Do Americans Think is a Worse President, Obama or Putin?

We know who Nigel Farage is sympathetic towards when it comes to the European Union leaders and Vladimir Putin. In fact, I’ve had some stick for basically agreeing with him for the past few months on these very pages. (Hint: He’s not wrong). 

Of course the media won’t bother with the nuance that people like Farage and I don’t like Putin’s authoritarianism, but simply wish our own leaders both stood up to him, and stood up like him on the world stage. Instead, the Herman Van Rompuy’s (who?) of the world surreptitiously attempt to expand the undemocratic European Union, and cower in their corners when someone like President Putin does a Gandalf.

Pivot then to the United States of America. Specifically, to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that took place in early March. The Spectator’s Harry Cole packed his microphone, his cameraman, and one tricky question for the conservatives and libertarians in attendance:

“Who’s a worse president? Barack Obama, or Vladimir Putin?”

My favourite answer? 

“Barack Obama should consider making Vladimir Putin his Defence Secretary”.

Conversely, I don’t think Obama would make the shortlist to be Moscow’s dogcatcher.


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