'Flytilla' Scrawls Swastika in Israel Airport

'Flytilla' Scrawls Swastika in Israel Airport

Two “peace activists” who flew in to Israel to be part of the Anti-Israel fly-in protest left a swastika scrawled on a wall in Ben-Gurion airport. The two Nazi wannabees were among 79 foreigners who arrived in Israel in the last week who wanted to join in the Palestinian Arabs’ attempts to counter Yom HaShoah, which is the day Israelis and Jews around the world commemorate the 6 million Jews lost to the Nazis in World War II.  The Palestinian Authority called for Yom HaShoah to be called “Palestinian Prisoners Day.”

The foreigners who arrived in Israel for the express purpose of their anti-Israel actions were detained at the airport, handed a letter of welcome by Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and then deported to their home countries. Some hundreds of other “peace activists” had their plane tickets canceled.

The French organizers of the anti-Israeli fly-in protest called Israel and airlines that canceled the tickets “racists.” This came only weeks after the slaughter in France of five Jews: three schoolchildren, a teacher and a rabbi. One member of the Israeli Immigration Authority responded to the swastika, saying, “This was the gift the ‘peace activists’ left Israel.” The Immigration Authority said the “activists” who were deported would be banned from Israel for five years.

For years, anti-Israel zealots have claimed that their problem lies with the Jewish state, not the Jewish people. But their actions belie their words; Israel is the open manifestation of a Jewish presence on a national scale. Is there any doubt that the anti-Israel zealots, whether they be Muslim terrorists or left-wing “activists,” would be delighted for anything representing authentic Judaism – especially Israel — to disappear?

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