China, Cuba Block U.N Human Rights Council from Condemning Syria

China, Cuba Block U.N Human Rights Council from Condemning Syria

The U.N. has long been viewed as a questionable authority in the world because it issues edicts and condemnations in a whimsical, often baseless fashion. In particular, the U.N. often condemns those it shouldn’t because of ideological differences while turning a blind eye to true violators of the law because of ideological agreements. 

Case in point: the U.N. Human Rights Council just ended its yearly meeting and patted itself on the back for a job well done, although their meetings witnessed a delegate from Cuba standing again and again to defend human rights violations in Syria and other countries.

Think about it: not only did the Human Rights Council fail to address the human rights violations of the Cuban government, where Communism comes first, period. But they also allowed Cuba to stand in solidarity with China, “opposing the condemnation of Syria’s atrocities.” 

What are they going to do next, allow Iran to oversee an international gun control treaty that will usurp the 2nd Amendment?

To make matters worse, according to the Miami Herald, Cuba put a number of proposals before the Human Rights Council that basically provided cover for “Sudan, Belarus, China, Sri Lanka, Iran, and North Korea.” In other words, Cuba spent their time during the annual council meeting making sure human rights weren’t addressed.

How long will we keep funding the U.N.? Its day has long passed.