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Young Uighur boys display their switch-blades while posing with a girl holding a soccer ball in Hotan, located in China's far west Xinjiang Region, in October 2006. (Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Image) [-]

China Imposes ‘Core Socialist Values’ in Muslim Uighur Elementary Schools

The Global Times, house organ of the Chinese Communist Party, cheerfully reported on Wednesday that students at the No. 7 Elementary School of Kuqa County have been “encouraged to learn Chinese calligraphy and read classical Chinese literature as part of a program to boost traditional Chinese culture and core socialist values.” What makes this interesting is that Kuqa County is located in the restless Xinjiang province, home of the Uighur Muslim minority.

In a photo taken on November 21, 2017, a truck entering the Rason Special Economic Zone makes its way across a bridge over the Tumen river marking the border between North Korea (bottom) and China (top). At the northeastern tip of North Korea, where the isolated, nuclear-armed country meets its giant neighbours China and Russia, United Nations sanctions on the regime over its weapons programmes are having an impact. And with the North facing further sanctions following its ICBM missile test on November 29, things are unlikely to get any easier for traders involved with the remote region's Rason Special Economic Zone (SEZ). / AFP PHOTO / Ed JONES / TO GO WITH NKorea-China-trade-sanction-diplomacy, FOCUS by Sebastien BERGER (Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)

Report: China Plans Refugee Camps on North Korean Border

Chinese authorities are reportedly drawing up plans to construct five refugee camps for fear of an exodus of North Koreans as tensions on the peninsula continue to escalate amid the advancement of the regime’s nuclear program.

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China Cracks Down on Corrupt Officials Throwing ‘Hedonistic’ Parties

China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the top anti-corruption agency in a government desperate to portray itself as dedicated to rooting out corruption, announced a new crusade against “hedonism and extravagance” on Monday. The idea is to prevent officials from using lavish parties, padded travel expenses, and other perks as a means of concealing graft.