CIA Told D.C. Benghazi Attack Not Spontaneous Within 24 Hours

CIA Told D.C. Benghazi Attack Not Spontaneous Within 24 Hours

The CIA is indicating that they told Washington the Benghazi attack was militant in nature, rather than spontaneous, within 24 hours of its occurrence. 

According to a report released today, the “CIA station chief in Libya” alerted Washington that the attack was not in response to a video. 

However, media outlets are doing their best to leave Obama a little wiggle room by claiming “it is unclear who, if anyone, saw the cable outside the CIA at that point.” In other words, the station manager sent the alert, but there’s no hard evidence anyone saw the alert in Washington.

Quick question: What does it say about the culture within the Obama administration if, in fact, they ignored or didn’t even look at the CIA alert? 

The CIA station chief did his job and compiled a report within 24 hours based on eye-witness interviews. This is going make it much, much harder for the mainstream media to blame the intelligence community for Benghazi. 

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