Hackers Hit Google Palestine

Hackers Hit Google Palestine

Google Palestine was defaced by hackers, who wrote on the site, “uncle google we say hi from palestine to remember you that the country in google map not called Israel. its called Palestine.” 

The hackers seemed to be responding to the fact that Google Maps labels Israel a state. 

They added:

#Question: what would happen if we changed the country of Isreal (sic) to Palestine in google maps !!! it would be revolution . .  So Listen to rihanna and be cool :P

Google told the Washington Post:

Some users visiting google.ps have been getting redirected to a different website; Google services for the google.ps domain were not hacked. We’re in contact with the organization responsible for managing this domain name so we can help resolve the problem.

In May, Google changed its regional search page from the name “Palestinian territories” to “Palestine.”