Islamic State Fighter Accidentally Films Own Death on GoPro

An Islamic State fighter accidentally filmed his own death on a GoPro in Syria.

The jihadist charges at a compound with his companions when people inside shot at them.

He creeps to a wall, but a bullet strikes him, and he falls to the ground. The camera detached from his body and rolled away, capturing the jihadist’s last moments.

Islamic State Jihadist Death

Camera rolls away from his body after the bullet kills him.

Camera rolls away from his body after the bullet kills him.

His shoe is the last thing the camera sees.

Islamic State Jihadist Death

The footage is being used as Islamic State propaganda to “glorify martyrdom.”

Islamic State Jihadist Death

Last June, another Islamic State fighter filmed his own death on a GoPro during a shootout with the Iraqi military.

The Islamic State has increased its propaganda due to losing fighters and money. Kurdish outlet Rudaw reported the Islamic State recently executed 24 people in Mosul, Iraq, including its finance minister.

“On Monday ISIS executed 24 persons charged with refusing to fight for the group on the battlefields,” stated Saeed Mamuzni, an official of the Kurdish PDK party. “Two hundred and thirteen other civilians were also detained by ISIS in Mosul. Ahmed Abdulsalam al-Obeidi the finance minister of ISIS’s Mosul Wilayat was among the executed who were charged with treachery against the group.”

Eight of the deserters included Dutch recruits who have grown weary with the Islamic State. Some Dutch members murdered “a delegate from the Islamic State high command.” The terrorist group arrested “the entire Dutch contingent.”

U.S. officials said the Islamic State has lost money due to low oil prices and airstrikes on their oil sites in Iraq. The coalition has targeted “buildings where it suspects militants store cash from looted banks, ransom payments or taxes collected in territory they control.” They demanded protection taxes from those in cities they captured and high ransoms for their prisoners. According to The Los Angeles Times:

U.S. officials estimate the group has lost more than $100 million in 10 such airstrikes. In one, a Pentagon video released last month showed a missile slamming into a building near Mosul, in Iraq, sending a cloud of bills fluttering in the air and presumably incinerating others.

That’s a small fraction of the multibillion-dollar wealth the Sunni militants have amassed in Iraq and Syria over the last two years.

U.S. officials, who have struggled to trace the group’s funding schemes, cautioned that the financial losses are still more a management problem for Islamic State than a strategic threat to its future.

The Islamic State slashed salaries of its fighters in Raqqa, Syria, the capital of its self-declared Caliphate. They also forced residents to pay bills with U.S. money and are “releasing detainees for a price of $500 a person.”

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