Elizabeth Warren: I Can Call Myself a Native American But Washington Can't Call Its Team 'Redskins'

Elizabeth Warren: I Can Call Myself a Native American But Washington Can't Call Its Team 'Redskins'

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who since 1986 has falsely claimed she has Native American ancestry despite having no credible evidence to support that assertion, joined 49 fellow senators who signed a letter to the NFL on Thursday urging the league to endorse a name change for the Washington, D.C. team that has been known since 1937 as the Redskins.

“It’s time for the NFL to endorse a name change for the Washington, D.C. football team,” the letter read. Warren and her fellow senators, 47 of whom are Democrats and two of whom are independents, said if the NFL failed to take this action it would be “endorsing slurs against Native Americans.”

Twila Barnes, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation and genealogist who has extensively documented the false nature of Warren’s Native American ancestry claims, told Breitbart News on Saturday “while I’d like to see the name of the Washington football team changed to something other than the R-word, it is hypocritical of Warren to sign a letter that says, ‘At the heart of sovereignty for tribes is their identity.'”

The American Association of Law Schools listed Warren’s identity as a minority until she received an endowed chair at Harvard Law. The school almost exclusively employs professors hailing from top-ten ranked law schools. Warren graduated from Rutgers law, which US News and World Report ranks at #81

“She had no respect for our tribal sovereignty then and it’s clear she doesn’t have any respect for it now,” Barnes added. “If she did, she’d admit she was wrong for disrespecting our tribal sovereignty and claiming to be a Cherokee and then she’d apologize to us for doing it.”

In the letter addressed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Senator Warren and her fellow senators said “we have heard from every national Tribal organization …[who] represent more than 2 million Native Americans across the country and more than 300 Tribes with government-to-government relationships with the United States. These organizations have passed resolutions in support of a name change as they find the Washington, D.C. football team name to be racially offensive.”

While Senator Warren has been eager to hear from Native American groups on the issue of a name change for Washington’s NFL team, she has avoided meeting with Native Americans, either individually or as representatives of their tribes, who want to confront her about her false Native American ancestry claims.

Ms. Barnes and several other enrolled members of the Cherokee Nation sought to meet in person with then-candidate Warren during her 2012 Senate campaign. The group traveled to Boston, where they “hoped to confront Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren over her Native American claim.” 

Warren refused to meet with them. After indicating that she might have members of her staff meet with the group, she subsequently even refused to allow her staff to meet with them.

When Warren addressed the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September 2012, Native American delegates to the convention asked her for one-on-one meetings to address their concerns about her false Native American ancestry claims.

Warren refused to meet with them one-on-one.

The Native American delegates also invited her to attend a meeting of the Native American Caucus at the convention to address her false Native American ancestry claims.

Warren refused to attend that meeting.

“If that is the case,” LaMere said, “shame on her.”

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