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Bannon in France: ‘History Is On Our Side’

PARIS (AP) — Former White House strategist Steve Bannon re-energised France’s Front National on Saturday by speaking at a party congress and telling Marine Le Pen’s nationalist supporters: “History is on our side.”


French MPs to Vote on Tough Anti-Terror Law

PARIS, France — French lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a tough new counter-terrorism law designed to end the country’s two-year state of emergency, though critics say it will expand police powers at a cost to civil liberties.

Farage: Le Pen Will Win French Presidency in 2022

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,”  former UKIP leader and Fox News contributor Nigel Farage predicted Marine Le Pen will win that France’s next presidential election set for 2022. According to Farage, the Front National brand needs to be

French Exit Poll Shows Macron Romps Home by 30% Margin

The final polls in the French 2017 presidential race have now closed, and the count is well underway. Predictions based on early day returns show a strong victory for centrist, globalist challenger Emmanuel Macron. Official figures from the French ministry

France Presidential Election 2017 Livewire

Polls have closed for the second and final round of voting in the French 2017 presidential race. Join Breitbart London for the latest news and analysis of the vote, count, and aftermath. The late stages have been hotly contested between