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UK University Offers Free Degrees For Migrants

Bristol University has unveiled a range of scholarships for what they identify as “refugees and asylum seekers”, allowing them to attend the Russell Group institution for free. The announcement comes as a record number of pupils across British VI forms and


‘Xenophobia is Highly Rational and Justified’: Police Chief

A Norwegian police chief has spectacularly broken ranks to express his professional opinion that high and sustained levels of crime committed by migrants more than justifies concern about foreigners, and that increasing immigration “leads to more rapes”. Writing in response to


Hungary: Mass Migration And Terrorism Go Hand In Hand

Mass migration is responsible for terror attacks in Europe including the slaughter in Nice that killed 84, say Senior Hungarian politicians including Viktor Orbán’s Cabinet Office chief. Talking on Hungarian radio yesterday Cabinet Office chief Antal Rogán pointed to recent terror

English Parliament

Brexit Could Lead To An English Parliament

Creating a stable Kingdom in the wake of Brexit which saw the different constituent parts of the nation split over whether to stay in or leave the European Union could see the creation of a new British Union of federal