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Oliver JJ Lane

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Speaker Ryan Uses London Speech To Revive Dead TTIP Deal

Despite months of clear bilateral focus from the White House and the apparently death of the controversial Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan used a political speech in London to claim the deal was

Commons Vote Confirms June 8th General Election

Just 27 hours after British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her intention to call a general election in June, a House of Commons vote confirmed the election would go ahead, opening the way for the Queen to dissolve Parliament.


Three Quarters of Poles Oppose Non-European Migrants

Already unpopular in conservative, Catholic Poland, a new poll shows attitudes towards non-European migrants hardening in the country with a convincing majority saying they should not be allowed into the nation. Some 74 per cent of Poles are against their homeland accepting migrants

Khalid Masood

London Terror Killer Named as Convicted Criminal Khalid Masood

London’s Metropolitan Police named the man responsible for Wednesday’s Westminster terror attack as British born Khalid Masood. In a press release from Scotland Yard Thursday afternoon approximately 25 hours after the attack took place, the force revealed 52-year-old Khalid Masood, born

Over 2,500 British Veterans Jailed In 2016

Statistics that come as the high-profile court case surrounding Royal Marine sergeant Alex Blackman reaches its conclusion show the disproportionately high level of former servicemen in British jails. Ministry of Justice statistics show that approximately 5 per cent of the