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Read In Full: Banned ‘Goat F**king’ Poem About President Erdogan

Written by German television comedian Jan Böhmermann in response to Turkey’s arrests and prosecution of government-critical journalists and other censorious activities, Defamation Poem has now been banned in Germany. Jan Böhmermann sparked a free speech powder keg with his “Defamatory Poem,” broadcast

Pig's head

Severed Pig’s Head Left On Doorstep Of Merkel’s Office

German police said on Saturday they found a pig’s head bearing an “insulting inscription” outside Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office. A police patrol discovered the animal’s head outside the office in the Baltic sea town of Stralsund in the early hours


Unable To Confront Right-Wing Surge, Chancellor Steps Down

Austria’s Social Democratic Chancellor stood down in a shock announcement this morning amid collapsing support for traditional parties in the country, in a move which has been called “a beautiful day for Austria” by his insurgent nationalist opponents. Socialist-left Chancellor Werner