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Oliver JJ Lane

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Terrorism and Islam

Populist MP Fined For Linking Terrorism and Islam

A member of Finland’s True Finns party is unrepentant after having been sentenced to pay a fine for the crime of agitating against an ethnic group in a blog post. True Finns local chapter leader Terhi Kiemunki has rejected the ruling that


Anti-Islamisation PEGIDA Founder Banned By Home City

The founder of counter-Islamistation strolling movement PEGIDA, Lutz Bachmann, has been handed a five-year protest ban by the city of Dresden, but the order will do nothing to control the marches which have gathered tens of thousands of supporters.

Islamic State

Sweden Legalises Flying The Islamic State Battle Flag

Swedish prosecutors have effectively legalised the display and use of the Islamic State (ISIS) battle flag by refusing to prosecute a Muslim male who used an image of it as his Facebook profile. An unidentified 23-year-old was the subject of a