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Oliver JJ Lane

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Hungary: Mass Migration And Terrorism Go Hand In Hand

Mass migration is responsible for terror attacks in Europe including the slaughter in Nice that killed 84, say Senior Hungarian politicians including Viktor Orbán’s Cabinet Office chief. Talking on Hungarian radio yesterday Cabinet Office chief Antal Rogán pointed to recent terror

English Parliament

Brexit Could Lead To An English Parliament

Creating a stable Kingdom in the wake of Brexit which saw the different constituent parts of the nation split over whether to stay in or leave the European Union could see the creation of a new British Union of federal


Chesapeake Was The Best Battle The British Ever Lost

In leadership and materiel the Kingdom of Great Britain was unprepared for, and unequal to the American War of Independence. Yet rarely in the history of Western civilisation has losing a battle been so sweetly and mutually beneficial as was Chesapeake Bay to the British and the United States.