Texan Takes Woman to Small Claims Court over ‘Bad Date’

Most everyone can easily recall a bad date night but one Austin man decided to sue a woman in small claims court over his allegedly rotten experience.

Now, he wants her to reimburse him $17.31, the price of the movie theater ticket he purchased for her in this “he said, she said” that went viral.

“It was kind of a first date from hell,” said 37-year-old Brandon Vezmar, who told the Austin American-Statesman Tuesday his date texted repeatedly while they were at a 3D showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

“This is like one of my biggest pet peeves,” he said, noting he asked his 35-year-old date to stop texting but she refused. He said he told her to go outside to text, which she did and never returned.

Apparently, the two met online and the purportedly ill-fated evening ended with the woman, who drove them to the movie theater, leaving. Vezmar says he was stranded without a ride. A few days later, he says he texted her asking for the price of the ticket but she refused to pay him back.

Vezmar filed his petition in the small claims court of Travis County last Thursday, asserting the woman “activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages.” The claim calls texting “in direct violation of the theater’s policy,” adversely affected his movie-going experience and that of other patrons. “While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society,” the petition states, according to the Statesman.

The woman learned about the small claims suit from the Austin newspaper. “Oh my God,” she said, “This is crazy.” She acknowledged Vezmar asked for his movie ticket money back and said she refused because “he took me out on a date.” The unidentified woman added: “I’m not a bad woman,” only someone who “went out on a date.”

She claims she only texted two or three times to friend in distress over a fight with her boyfriend. “I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody,” she said.

The woman told KVUE she chose to end her “brief date with Brandon” prematurely. “His behavior made me extremely uncomfortable, and I felt I needed to remove myself from the situation for my own safety. He has escalated the situation far past what any mentally healthy person would. I feel sorry that I hurt his feelings badly enough that he felt he needed to commit so much time and effort into seeking revenge. I hope one day he can move past this and find peace in his life.”

On Twitter, Vezmar seems to be lapping up all the press about his bad date night.

Says Vezmar: “I got my own Twitter moment!”

He says he gets fan mail.

Vezmar commented many call him a hero.

He tweets about his new found celebrity.

For the most part, Vezmar appears pleased with the press.

He tweets his thoughts on how news outlets reported the story.

Vezmar even tweeted a few private texts with the woman involved in the dispute.

Incidentally, Vezmar owns a communications and media consulting firm, which says it represents political and business clients.

James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, lauded Vezmar’s suit in a jocular sense in a tweet.

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