Scott Walker: We’ll Be ‘Discussing’ What to Do With Illegals In US

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) said that while he does not “believe in amnesty” what he would do with the illegal immigrants currently in the US is something he would be “discussing” in a profile broadcast on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“We have to secure our border, not just because [of] immigration, but because it is a threat to our national security, radical Islamic terrorists want to do harm to us. I do not believe in amnesty. I think we’re a nation of immigrants, but we’re also a nation of laws” he declared.

After anchor Bret Baier said “you’re both praised and criticized for this, in that, you avoid taking these hard positions on some of these issues, that at least right now are going to be tough to define. For example, this one. I mean, what do you do with the 11 million who are here?” Walker responded, “I think that’s part of what we’ll be discussing, should I be a candidate in the future. I think that’s part of the mix, but part of the reason why I haven’t talked about it at great length is because it didn’t directly effect the role of being governor.”

Asked about his lack of foreign policy experience, Walker said “I think in the end, foreign policy is all about leadership. A governor has to surround himself or herself with leaders in their cabinet, just like a good president has to pick Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, have the good counsel, to listen to them, but then, ultimately, be a good leader. And I think that’s what governors do.”

He also talked about his position regarding putting ground troops in to fight ISIS, Walker argued “I think in many ways there are strategic measures that don’t require full deployment, that there are assets we have at our disposal, tactical decisions we can make. And part of it is, again, with Reagan, what made him so successful is you’ve got to have the force, the ability to invoke the force, which we’ve seen gradually decline under this president…I think in the end there are strategic measures that could be taken prior to actually putting boots on the ground that could have an impact in Iran and in other places around the world, but part of it’s even changing the strategy.”

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