Trump in Iowa: I Would Spend $1 Billion on My Campaign ‘If I Had To’


From Eli Stokols writing at Politico: 

At a press conference at the nearby softball field where his helicopter landed, Trump held forth before close to a hundred members of the media, repeating the same slogans about making the country “great” and brushing off questions about his fuzzy policy positions, telling reporters that they were far more concerned about the details than voters are.

“I don’t think the people care. I think they trust me. I think they know I’m going to make good deals for them,” Trump puffed.

He again argued that Jeb Bush, by virtue of his $120 million campaign warchest, would be beholden to his donors. Moments later, he avowed that he’d be willing to spend $1 billion on his campaign “if I had to.”

“I make $400 million a year, OK?” Trump said.

For 20 minutes, he swatted away questions with characteristic confidence as if the answers were painfully obvious, his bluster blindsiding anyone looking for substantive answers.

Immigration reform? Build a wall! “Trump can build walls,” he said.

Working with Congress? “I’ve gotten Congress to do whatever I want my whole life.”

Obamacare? A “catastrophe.”

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