Roger Stone: Trump’s Wisconsin Loss May Have A ‘Psychological Impact’ on Supporters

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

Veteran political strategist and informal adviser for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump Roger Stone wondered on Breitbart News Daily whether GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s 11-point loss in Wisconsin to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would have a psychological affect on voters in upcoming primary states.

“The Trump people are playing catch-up ball. They have to still worry about New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, some big states going forward which are winner-take-most,” he told host Stephen K. Bannon. “But we also have to wonder, what is the psychological impact of Trump’s support in those states now he has lost a stand-alone primary and lost it by double digits.” Stone added Trump still leads substantially in those states’ polls.

Trump called Cruz a “Trojan horse” for the establishment and “worse than a puppet” after the loss, but may still net six delegates.

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