Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is a ‘Cancer’

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally at Snug Harbor's Great Hall on April 17, 2016 in the Staten Island borough of New York City.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is mocking Donald Trump as “Donkey of the Decade,” and adding that she considers the billionaire presidential candidate a “cancer” whose politics scare her.

“I think he is ‘Donkey of the Decade,’” Clinton said, referring to Trump during an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show in New York city. (Clinton was referring to a popular daily feature of the show hosts “Donkey of the Day.”)

But Clinton also admitted that she fears Trump.

“He does scare me, because what he’s saying he would do is wrong for our country,” she said. “It’s not only offensive to people and kind of makes you cringe, it’s dangerous.”

Clinton accused Trump of turning people against each other and “inciting violence” during his campaign, playing to the “worst instincts” of Americans.

“It’s just in violation of American values and New York values for sure,” she said.

Clinton says that Trump is “equally dangerous” in his views on foreign policy, citing his comments about nuclear weapons as proof.

She said that although she hadn’t won the nomination of the Democratic party, she said she plans to continue to challenge Trump during her campaign.

“I’m taking him on more forcefully … we can’t let that stand,” she said. “That is a cancer. You know you don’t let the cancer grow bigger and bigger.”

When asked by the hosts about her relationship with Trump, Clinton admitted that she knew him and that Bill Clinton played golf with the real estate mogul, but said that they weren’t friends.

She said she, like many New Yorkers, were shocked by the tone of his presidential campaign.

“This has been a surprise. It’s been a surprise to a lot of people,” she said, pointing out that although she knew that Trump had a “big ego,” she was unaware of his more controversial views.

“This prejudice, this paranoia, this bigotry, that I had not seen before,” she said.

She criticized Republicans for failing to criticize Trump for his views, urging all Americans to fight back against his poisonous rhetoric.

“I hope that people are going to speak out loudly and clearly and not tune it out,” she said. “Because we gotta repudiate the guy, and what he is saying and everybody needs to be on the same page.”

“Everybody needs to be going after him,” she added.