Former Congressman: Donald Trump Only Got 3 of 13 At-Large Delegates in Virginia on Second Ballot

Republican presidential candidate and front-runner Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at the Richmond International Raceway October 14, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. A New York real estate mogul and reality television star, Trump is now in a statistical tie with retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson in a Fox News survey of …
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Former Republican Virginia congressman Virgil Goode tells Breitbart News that Donald Trump supporters picked up only three of 13 available at-large delegate slots at Virginia’s state convention Saturday.

“I think 3 of the 13 are Trump after the first ballot,” said Goode, a Trump supporter.

Trump won the Virginia primary with 17 pledged delegates to Marco Rubio’s 16 and Ted Cruz’s eight back on March 1. But after the first ballot, Ted Cruz is mopping up the delegates in the event of a second ballot at a contested convention.

“The individual vote was very close on the delegate slate,” Goode said, but he noted that the chief Cruz spokesman in the state Ken Cuccinelli was able to get more Cruz supporters out to the convention. Goode said that he believes Morton Blackwell, elected Republican National Committeeman, is a Cruz supporter.

Here’s the Virginia delegate slate as provided by the Republican Party of Virginia:

Ken Cucinelli
Virginia Thomas
Anne Gentry
Cynthia Dunbar
Matthew Hurtt
Chris Shores
Subba Kolla
Bethany Bostrom
Kathy Byron
Del. Tim Hugo
Jack Salm
Ellen Nau
Leon Benjamin