ABC: Democrats ‘Revolution’ Flirts With Insurrection


Rick Klein writes at ABC News:

“We are stronger together,” the campaign slogan says. But the voices of the convention say there’s still strong interest in staying apart.

A raucous Democratic National Convention opened Monday night under conditions previously found only in paperback political thrillers.

The chair of the Democratic Party was almost literally booed away entirely. The city was on a sweltering, soaked and locked-down edge. A massive email hack of the Democratic National Committee was being blamed on the Russians.

A night that was intended to showcase Democratic unity instead exposed the opposite. Mere mentions of the names of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine drew jeers and worse from delegates early on.

Tellingly, the closing line of Bernie Sanders’ much-anticipated speech, where he said Clinton “would make an outstanding president,” was met with an odd mix of cheers, boos, and chants.

After a tense first day of the convention, it was left to a trio of Democratic superstars -– none of whom have a particular history of fondness for the soon-to-be nominee –- to make pleas for party unity.

“Hillary knows that this is so much bigger than her own desires and disappointments,”Michelle Obama said, in a rousing speech that did bring the room together. “We are always stronger together. … And that’s why in this election, I’m with her.”

“People get it – the system is rigged,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, drawing an unexpected burst of applause for borrowing a Bernie Sanders line. (A few scattered voices interrupted her at one point, yelling “we trusted you,” while others chanted, “Goldman Sachs.”)

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