Marine Veteran Puts Down Nail Board to Protect His Trump Sign

Nail Board Trump Sign

A supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has gone to great lengths to protect his Trump sign.

VIDEO: Man Puts Down Nail Board to Protect His Trump Sign

Chuck Corry has decided to put down a nail board and put other things on his Trump sign in order to protect it from being run over by cars and vandalized, KXRM reported.

Corry had put up his Trump sign near the road but found that it kept getting run over by cars.

“This, I think it’s the fifth sign that I’ve had to put up,” Corry said to KXRM. “I’m a Trump supporter, but I’m also pissed off.”

The sign first went up around three weeks ago, but after it was vandalized, Corry decided to add a nail board to the sign designed to puncture the tire of any car that runs over it.

“They run over it again a couple of times, so that’s why I put the nail board down,” Corry said. “I’ve never run into this kind of problem.”

This is the first time Corry has had to protect his yard sign from vandalism in the 16 years he has put yard signs out on his property.

In addition to the nail board, he supports the sign with rebar, fence posts, plumber’s tape, glue, a dog leash and cables and anchors. It’s also covered in skunk spray and WD-40 in case vandals try to paint over the sign.

Corry said he’s invested about $60 and six hours to protect his sign from vandalism.

Since his improvements were made, nobody has touched the sign for over a week.

“I’m an ornery, stubborn old bugger,” Corry said. “And, as I said, a Marine. And if you want to play games, OK, I’m good at playing games.”

Corry is not the first to protect his Trump sign from vandals this election cycle. A Trump supporter from Indiana went to great lengths to booby trap his sign to protect against thieves and vandals in September.