***Live Updates*** Trump vs. Clinton, Round 3

AP Photos / David Goldman, Patrick Semansky

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off in their third and final presidential debate tonight at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The 90-minute debate starts at 9 p.m. eastern and will focus on six topics: debt and entitlements, immigration (lo and behold), the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign policy hot spots, and each candidate’s fitness to be President.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace will moderate the debate.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times eastern.

12:15: Clinton campaigning in Vegas:



11:38: Undecided voters in CNN’s focus group thought Trump’s strongest moment in the debate came when he was discussing illegal immigration. Even more baffling why Trump himself pivoted away from the issue when immigration was actually brought up for the first time in the debates. Trump’s pivot away from the issue prevented immigration from being discussed for the allotted 15 minutes.


11:30: Interesting MSNBC focus group discussion with Ohio voters–when asked if Trump would be winning the election if he would be more positive and talk about his vision for chance, nearly everyone–Clinton leaners, undecideds, and Trump leaners–all raised their hands. Once again, Trump missed plenty of opportunities tonight because he just could not get out of his way.



11:00: Trump and Clinton both scheduled to appear tomorrow night. As the late Jack Buck said after Kirby Puckett’s World Series home run against the Braves…


10:47: Anti-Trump Republicans (the usual suspects) always the first to pile on with the mainstream press:


10:42: He had to do more than win on points, though. He had many chances to deliver a political KO on Clinton Foundation, sexual assault allegations against Bill Clinton, open borders and failed to do so.


10:37: Clinton and Trump don’t shake hands at the end of the debate.

10:35: Trump says he started the campaign by promising to “Make America Great Again.” He vows to rebuild the military and take care of veterans, who are treated worse than illegal immigrants. Trump says he will do more for African-Americans and Latinos that Clinton can do in ten lifetimes. Trump says “we are going to make America strong again and we are going to make America great again.” Trump says we cannot take four more years of Barack Obama and that’s what the country will get with Clinton.

10:34: Clinton says she wants to tell everyone watching that she is reaching out to all Americans because we need everyone to grow the economy in order to make it “fairer.” She says she’s been privileged to see the presidency up close and knows the “awesome responsibility” of the office. She says she has made the cause of children and families her life’s work and will stand up against corporations.

10:32: When Clinton is asked the same question, she says she is on record as saying we need to put more money into the Social Security trust fund. She says that’s part of her commitment to “raise taxes on the wealthy.”

“Such a nasty woman,” Trump, clearly bothered, says after Clinton says Trump’s taxes will go up under her plan if Trump can’t figure out a way to get out of it.

10:30: Wallace says neither of them has a plan to fix Medicare and Social Security. He asks Trump if he would make a deal to save Medicare and Social Security that would include tax increases and benefit cuts. Trump says he will cut taxes and grow the economy. He says we have to repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare that is destroying small and big businesses across the country.

10:26: Trump again railing against political hacks who have cut terrible trade deals. Trump says we have the greatest business people in the world and we must use them to negotiate our trade deals.

10:25: Seriously?

10:23: Clinton claims she is not going to let anyone in the country who is not vetted even though authorities have said that Syrian refugees cannot be thoroughly vetted. She talks about wanting to work with American Muslim communities who are on the front lines.

10:20: Wallace says Trump said several things about Aleppo in the last debate that were not true. Trump says Aleppo has been a “catastrophe” and a “humanitarian disaster.” He says it has “fallen from any standpoint.” He wonders if you need a signed document. He says Aleppo has been a disaster because of Clinton’s policies.

10:18: Trump says Podesta and Bernie Sanders have said Clinton has bad instincts and he agrees with them both. Debate now turns to Aleppo.

10:10: Debate turns to foreign hot spots. Wallace asks the candidates about Mosul and what happens the day after. He asks if either will put U.S. troops in that vacuum so ISIS isn’t replaced with something worse. Clinton says she will not support sending in U.S. troops. Trump is now wondering what happened to the “element of surprise.” He says we shouldn’t talk about attacking Mosul because the enemy will have already left. Trump says after we take Mosul, Iran should be writing us a letter of thank you because Iran will be even more empowered. Trump says Clinton took everyone out of Iraq to benefit Iran. Clinton says Trump is implying that he didn’t support the Iraq War. She asks voters to Google “Donald Trump Iraq.” Trump keeps saying “wrong!” Clinton says this matters because Trump has not told the truth about his position. Clinton says we need to after terrorist leaders in Mosul and “it’s going to be tough fighting.” She says she thinks we can take back Mosul and then take back Raqqa in Syria.

[Because of Trump’s weird pivots throughout the night, Clinton has been able to run the four-corners offense to run out the clock.]

10:07: Trump accuses the media of “poisoning” the minds of voters. When asked if he will accept the election’s results, he says he will look at it at the time. Trump says there are millions of people registered to vote who should not be able to cast ballots before saying Clinton should never be able to run for because of her email scandal, etc.

10:04: After going back and forth about Trump’s taxes, Trump says Clinton should have changed the laws if he didn’t want Trump to take the deductions.

10:00: Wallace actually brings up the Clinton Foundation scandals. He grills Clinton on whether she kept her pledge to the Senate Committee when emails have shown numerous instances of pay-to-play scandals. Clinton says everything she did as Secretary of State was in furtherance of “our interest.”She says the Clinton Foundation is a world-renowned foundation that does a lot of good charitable work in order to avoid the pay-to-play question. Trump says it’s a “criminal enterprise.” Trump says Clinton talks about women’s rights while her foundation accepts money from countries that allows people to push gays off of buildings and kill women without repercussions. Trump says Clinton should return the money to those countries. Trump says he was in Little Haiti in Florida and they hate the Clintons because what happened in Haiti was a “disgrace.” Clinton doing her best to give infomercials about her foundation. Clinton brings up Trump’s foundation and the portrait of Trump is foundation bought. “Who does that?” she asks.

9:58: Clinton now attacking Trump for “mocking” a disabled reporter and going after Judge Curiel. She slams Trump’s “dark” and “dangerous” vision. Clinton talks about Trump applauding those who are punching people at his rallies. Trump says it is so sad that Clinton is talking about violence at his rallies when Clinton caused it. Good retort from Trump.

9:54: Clinton slams Trump for saying that he could not have possibly groped the women because they were not attractive enough. Trump claims he did not say that. Clinton says Trump said at a rally, “look at her. I don’t think so.” She says Trump thinks “belittling women makes him bigger.” He accuses Trump of going after the self-worth of women and it’s up to all of us to demonstrate who we are and what we should expect from our next president. Trump says nobody has more respect for women than he does. He says Clinton is mentioning stuff that is “all fiction” but what isn’t fictionalized are her emails that Clinton destroyed. Trump says Clinton has lied hundreds of times to the Congress and the people while a four-star general is going to jail for one lie.

9:52: The debate turns to the candidates’s fitness to be president. Wallace asks Trump about the sexual assault allegations against Trump. He wonders why so many different women over so many different years all make up these stories in the last week? He asks Clinton about defending what Bill Clinton did, which was worse. Trump says none of the allegations are true and suspects the Clinton campaign of coordinating with the women. Trump says he didn’t know any of these women and he says the women either want fame or have been coordinating with the Clinton campaign. He now pivots to talking about how Clinton/Obama allies were coordinating with agitators to incite violence. He then says he believes the Clinton campaign got the women to make the allegations against him.

9:50: Clinton now talking about “experience.” She says in the 1970s, she was taking on racial discrimination while Trump was being sued for racial discrimination. She says in the 1980s, Trump was borrowing $14 million from his father. In the 1990s, he was calling Miss Universe an “eating machine.” Clinton says Trump was hosting a reality show while she was in the situation room last decade. Trump says he started with a $1 million loan and built a phenomenal country. Trump says if we ran the county like he has run his business, even Clinton would be proud of the country.

9:49: Trump says the one thing Clinton has over him is experience and is “bad experience.” He says Clinton “talks” but doesn’t get anything done. He says Clinton ran the State Department and $6 billion went missing. “If you become president, this country will be some mess. Believe me,” Trump says.

9:47: Clinton now spinning on TPP. She claims she was against it then and will be against it after the election. She now slams Trump for shipping jobs to Mexico and buying Chinese steel and aluminum. Clinton accuses Trump of shedding “crocodile tears” and says Trump’s hotel in Vegas was built with Chinese steel.

9:43: Wallace wonders if Clinton’s plan is even more of the Obama stimulus plan, which has failed to stimulate the economy as promised. Clinton evades the question. Trump using his time to slam the Clintons for NAFTA and supporting the TPP. He says so many communities have suffered because of NAFTA.

9:42: Clinton now accusing Trump of wanting “massive tax cuts.” She says Obama inherited the worst economic condition since the Depression and he has cut the deficit by a third. Clinton now touting the investments in various people/industries in her economic plan.

9:39: Trump says Clinton’s plan will double the taxes of Americans and it will be a “disaster.” Trump now taking the discussion back to foreign policy. He wonders why we are protecting Saudi Arabia even though they are not paying the United States. Trump says we have to tell Japan, Germany, South Korea in a nice way to pay their fair share. Now going back to the economy, Trump says he will renegotiate trade deals because jobs are being “sucked out of the economy.” But he says we will have “more free trade” under his plan. He says he will renegotiate NAFTA. He says if he cannot, then he will terminate NAFTA and make new deals. Trump says he will slash corporate taxes and repatriate wealth.

9:37: The topic is now the economy.  Clinton says when the “middle class thrives, America thrives.” She talks about clean energy programs and says she wants to do more to help small business while raising the national minimum wage and getting “equal pay” for women. She wants more technical education in high schools and community college. She also wants college to be debt-free for most Americans.

9:36: And that’s it for the “immigration” discussion. Good grief.

9:35: Trump says Clinton has been proven to be a liar on so many things and her statements on Russia is yet another example.

9:34: Huge opportunity for Trump to talk about illegal immigrant crime, the impact of illegal immigration on wages, etc. Instead, he gets sidetracked on Russia and wastes his chance to really put Clinton on the defensive. American public loses once again as it does not get a discussion on immigration policy even when it is actually one of the pre-selected topics in a debate.

9:33: When Wallace asks Trump if he condemns Russia, Trump says he condemns “Russia and anyone else.” He says Putin is not his best friend but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Russia and the United States got along. Trump says Clinton has been “outplayed” by Clinton.

9:30: Trump: “She wants open borders. People are going to pour into our country. People are going to come in from Syria.” Trump says Clinton/Obama have no idea where the refugees are coming from and adds that we will combat radical Islamic terrorism and slams Clinton/Obama for refusing to say “radical Islam.” Trump says Putin doesn’t respect Clinton. When Clinton says Russia is engaging in espionage, Trump says Clinton has no idea who is doing the hacking and says Clinton is upset that Putin has “outsmarted” Clinton in Syria and everywhere else.

9:28: Wallace with an excellent follow-up about Clinton’s dream about open borders in her emails. (Trump thanks Wallace for saying what Trump should have brought up). Spinning again, Clinton now claims she was talking about energy. [No bogus Abe Lincoln reference this time?] She now pivots to Russia and wonders if Trump will condemn Russia for hacking her campaign manager’s emails. Trump says “that was a great pivot” from the fact that she wants open borders.

9:26: Clinton accuses Trump of using illegal immigrants to build Trump Tower. She says she wants to get illegal immigrants out of the shadows so employers like Trump can’t exploit them. Trump says we have millions who did it the right way and giving amnesty is unfair to those who did it the right way. He says under Clinton’s plan, we’ll have open borders. He says Clinton’s trade policy will be a “disaster.”

9:25: Trump slams Bill Clinton for signing NAFTA. He says Clinton wanted the wall in 2006 but, since Clinton never gets anything done, the wall never got built.

9:23: Clinton now pulling out the DREAMer card. She says she doesn’t want to “rip families apart” and sending parents away from their children. She says she doesn’t want to see Trump’s “deportation force” in action. She accuses Trump of “choking” when he went to Mexico re: the border wall. Clinton says she will be introducing a plan for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in her first 100 days in office.

9:21: Trump says Clinton wants to give amnesty, which is “unfair” and will be a “disaster.” Trump says he has four mothers whose children have been killed by illegal immigrants in the audience. Trump says “we have no country if we have no border” and points out that Clinton wants “open borders.” Trump says ICE and Border Patrol agents have endorsed him because they want “strong borders.” Trump says that in New Hampshire, the biggest complaint voters had was about the heroin that pours across the Southern border that poisons the youth. Trump says right now with our open borders, “we’re getting the drugs and they’re getting the cash.” Trump says we must stop the drugs and shore up the border and that includes building the wall. Trump says we have some “bad hombres” here and we need to get ’em out.


9:17: Wallace wonders how far Clinton is willing to go on abortion. He points out that Clinton has said that a fetus does not have Constitutional rights. Trump says you can rip the baby out of the womb of the mother in the 9th month of pregnancy if Clinton has her way. “That’s not acceptable,” Trump says. Clinton accuses Trump of using “scare rhetoric.” Clinton says “this is one of the worst possible choices” any woman has to make and government should not have to make it for these women.

9:15: Wallace now asks the candidates about abortion. He asks Trump whether he wants the Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Trump says if that were to happen, “I would think that it would go back to the individual states.” When pressed, Trump says Roe v. Wade will be overturned if he puts pro-life Justices on the Court. Clinton says she “strongly supports” Roe v. Wade. Clinton says so many states are putting “stringent regulations” on women from having abortions. She now defends Planned Parenthood and blasts states from defunding Planned Parenthood, which uses taxpayer dollars to fund abortion services. Clinton vows to defend Planned Parenthood, Roe v. Wade, and abortions.

9:12: Wallace asks Trump if Clinton has convinced him that she supports the Second Amendment. Trump says Clinton was “very angry” when the Heller decision was upheld. Trump says people who believe in the Second Amendment were upset with what Clinton and to say. Clinton admits that she was indeed upset at the Heller decision and now brings in “toddlers” into the gun control debate, saying she was upset because toddlers hurting themselves with guns.

9:11: Clinton claims she is for the Second Amendment before pushing for more gun control. She wants the “gun show loophole” closed and more background checks.

9:08: Trump says it is so imperative that we have the right Justices on the Supreme Court. Trump slams Ginsberg for her “ill-advised” criticism. Trump says the Second Amendment is under “absolute siege” and if Clinton wins, we will have a Second Amendment that is a “small replica” of what we have now. Trump says the Justices he will appoint will be pro-life, protect the Second Amendment, and will have a conservative bent. He says they will interpret the Constitution the way the Founders wanted it.

9:06: Clinton says the Supreme Court raises the central question in this election about what kind of rights Americans will have. She says she feels strongly that the Supreme Court should stand on the side of the American people and not the wealthy. Sounding robotic, she says she wants a Supreme Court that stands up for women’s rights and LGBT rights and against Citizens United. She says she has “major disagreements” with Trump on the Supreme Court. She says it is important that we not reverse “marriage equality” and Roe v. Wade. Clinton says the Supreme Court should “represent all of us” and the kinds of people she would nominate would be in the great tradition of standing up to the powerful.

9:05: First topic will be the Supreme Court. Wallace asks the candidates where they want to see the Court take the country and their views on how the Constitution should be interpreted.

9:03: Chris Wallace introduces Trump and Clinton. They don’t shake hands.




8:25: Maybe that’s why her team is keeping her off the trail:


8:17: When asked whether Rubio is wrong about wanting Republicans to stay silent on the Wikileaks emails, Pence kind of punts on MSNBC.


8:05: Meg Whitman, the type of establishment Republican working-class voters hate, supports Hillary Clinton. She is now on CNN calling Trump a “dishonest demagogue” and praising Clinton. The media seem to love Republicans who go out of their way to slam Trump.


7:59: On CNN, Pence says he is moved that Patricia Smith will be in the audience tonight. Pence slams Clinton for lying to Smith, whose son was murdered during the Benghazi terror attack. Pence says Clinton failed in that moment of crisis and her failures should be “front and center” tonight.

7:52: This should be Trump’s message tonight:

7:50: Wayne Newton supporting Trump at the debate:


7:41: One can make the case that Clinton kicks like Vikings kicker Blair Walsh:

7:34: With all of the help she’s gotten, Clinton hasn’t come close to putting the race away:

7:29: One can only hope Trump actually practiced before this debate.

7:25: What is he planning?


7:11: “Bill Clinton’s a rapist”

7:10: Hillary invites DREAMers. Trump invites Angel Moms to debate:

7:08: SARAH PALIN to be one of Trump’s guests at debate:

7:07: Pence in Vegas:

7:05: Masters of spin:


7:03: Mark Cuban being Mark Cuban:


7:00: Though voters in Chicago and Los Angeles may be more interested in what happens at Chavez Ravine tonight in the duel between John Lackey and Julio Urias, Trump will get a third chance to make a first impression to voters tonight. For the first time, Trump and Clinton will not have to compete with NFL football. And all of the negative publicity that has surrounded Trump the last few weeks may get viewers to tune in to see how Trump will react. That will present Trump with a golden opportunity to finally make the case for his candidacy to millions of potentially undecided voters. The only question is whether Trump can be as disciplined as Jerry Tarkanian’s UNLV teams were on defense or whether he’ll be the same Trump that seemed to wing the first two debates and saw his poll numbers plummet as a result.