$210K in Benghazi Ads to Run in North Carolina Against Hillary Clinton

Hillary What Difference Reuters

Stop Hillary PAC announced on Monday that it made a $210,000 ad buy for North Carolina, bringing the total the PAC has spent to run an ad in Arizona, Colorado, and now North Carolina to over $2.2 million. The ad is about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the four Americans who died in the 2012 Islamic terror attack in Benghazi, Libya.

“Hillary Clinton fears being held accountable for Benghazi. Her lack of action is the reason four Americans and seven Libyans lost their lives,” said Ted Harvey, chairman of the Stop Hillary PAC. “That’s why the Stop Hillary PAC has spent over $1 million to re-air the Benghazi ad. We’re committed to making sure Hillary Clinton never becomes president.”

Stop Hillary PAC has purposed to prevent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from ever being elected President of the United States. The PAC has endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for president.

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