Marianne Williamson: America Made ‘Huge Multi-National Corporations into a False God’

Self-help guru and author Marianne Williamson said at the Democrat debate on Tuesday in Detroit that corporations have become “a false god.”

Williamson cited America’s founders, “who brought forth on this planet an extraordinary new possibility” that all people could “have the possibility of thriving.”

Williamson said that the country has not actually lived up to that ideal, but it has been good when it has tried, including the abolition of slavery, giving women the right to vote, and the civil rights movement.

She said generations have “risen up” to fight those who were against the best in the founders’ ideals and the time for that strategy is needed now.

“And now it is time for a generation of Americans to rise up again for an amoral economic system who has turned short-term profits for huge multi-national corporations into a false god,” Williamson said. “And this new false god takes precedence over the safety, health, and well being of we the American people and the people of the world and the planet on which we live.”

“Conventional politics will not solve the problem because conventional politics is part of the problem,” said Williamson, who has made a career of teaching metaphysics through a number of best-selling self-help books.

Williamson called on Americans to “create a new possibility” and “to say no to what we don’t want and yes to what we can be true.”

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