Andrew Yang: ‘65-70% of Our Students’ Outcomes Determined Outside of the School’

The education views of Democrat 2020 contender Andrew Yang may differ from many of his colleagues in that he said data show “65-70 percent of our students’ outcomes are determined outside of the school.”

While many Democrat politicians have tried to turn public schools into “homes away from homes,” Andrew Yang said during the Democrat debate in Houston Thursday night that what is most important in a child’s education is “time spent at home with the parents, words read to them when they’re young, stress levels in the house, income, type of neighborhood.”

When the ABC debate moderator specifically asked Yang to discuss his support for charter schools, Yang responded, “I am pro-good school!”

“We need to pay teachers more because the data clearly shows that a good teacher is worth his or her weight in gold,” the Democrat candidate said. “We need to lighten up the emphasis on standardized tests, which do not measure anything fundamental about our character or human worth.”

Yang said the philosophy that prevails today in public schools is not helping to educate children.

“We’re putting money into schools — and educators know this — we’re saying, ‘you’re 100 percent responsible for educating our kids, but you can only control 30 percent,’” he said. “They all know this.”

“The answer is to put money directly into the families and neighborhoods to give our kids a chance to learn and our teachers a chance to teach,” he said.


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