President Donald Trump emphasized Thursday that Vice President Joe Biden’s family reaped rewards from China, while America lost wealth to China.

“The Bidens got rich while America got robbed,” Trump said during his rally in Dallas, Texas.

Trump recalled that Biden’s son Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion investment for a private equity fund backed by a Chinese state-owned investment after he traveled with his father to the country in 2013.

Hunter Biden stepped down from the board on Sunday, after Trump put pressure on the family for corruption.

But Trump said that the episode was part of a pattern of Democrat corruption.

“Tonight, we forcefully condemn the blatant corruption of the Democrat party,” he said. “They never pay the price, but maybe soon that will start.”

Past leaders, he argued, allowed China to economically pillage the United States.

“I blame our leaders for allowing this horrible, you know what and pillage, it’s the r-word,” he said, referring to the word “rape.”

Trump added that he almost felt bad about attacking the Bidens, noting that it did not look like the former Vice President would win the Democrat nomination.

“Just look at the terrible foreign corruption of the Bidens,” he said. “I hate to talk about him, you know why? I don’t think the guy’s got a chance. Sleepy Joe, I don’t think he’s got a chance.”