Struggling Kamala Posts Video of Self Grimacing at Clips of Trump

Kamala Harris Grimacing

Sen. Kamala Harris on Thursday posted a video of herself reacting to cherry-picked clips of President Trump compiled by her team.

Harris, who continues to flounder in national and early-state polls, is upping her game on social media, posting videos interacting with supporters and taking a new approach: Reacting to cherry-picked clips of the president on camera.

A video posted on her Twitter account on Thursday shows the presidential hopeful grimacing while watching selective clips of the president.

“Anybody could have listened to that meeting. That meeting is open for grabs. You know, the whole Russia thing, it’s a hoax,” Trump said in the video.

“Open for grabs?” Harris asked, providing commentary. “You know what he has made open for grabs? The United States of America, and he’s selling us out.”

“He’s selling out our system of justice, not mention that he has sold out working people and sold out our values,” she continued, failing to elaborate on the sweeping claims.

“It’s really, it’s fascinating. If it weren’t so troubling, it would be really incredibly fascinating. These are these moments where I really wish that I had taken more psychology classes,” she added.

“There was no collusion with Russia,” Trump said in another clip, prompting Harris to laugh uncontrollably.

“Literally Donald Trump plays Alec Baldwin so well. It’s just amazing to watch,” she laughed.

“He’s such a good actor,” she added, arms flailing:

This is far from Harris’s first attempt to appeal to voters in an unconventional way. Harris posted a six-minute video this week, featuring a baking session with a 17-year-old supporter in Iowa.

“Oh, look at how that just bends, right?” Harris said in the video, marveling at the baked cookie.

“It’s just a peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie in one,” she added. “I now realize what this is”:


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