Desperate Kamala Harris Posts 6-Minute Video Baking Cookies

baking clip
Kamala Harris/Twitter

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) posted a six-minute video of a baking session with one of her supporters in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday, which appears to be part of her change in strategy to go “all-in on Iowa” in hopes of reviving her floundering campaign.

Harris’s campaign confirmed her switch in strategies last week, closing three offices in New Hampshire, laying off campaign staff, and pulling from resources in Nevada in order to go “all-in on Iowa.” Instead of focusing on big events, Harris is going small, reportedly “making dinner in supporters’ homes” and engaging in one-on-one interactions.

That much is true, at least according to Harris’s recent tweets. On Tuesday, the presidential hopeful posted a six-minute video, featuring herself baking “famous monster cookies” with a 17-year-old supporter named Avery:

“And let me just tell you, I saw you have it handwritten, and this is exactly in my family how we have passed down recipes like these,” Harris told Avery, who serves as a “Kamala Captain” in the High School Organizing League.

The bulk of the video shows Harris following instructions from Avery, mixing ingredients and cracking eggs — a feat Harris was proud to show that she could do with just one hand.

“This is the beginning of any good cookie recipe. When I was a kid I would dip a spoon in them … It is just so yummy,” Harris said as the small talk continued. “What? Butter and sugar? What could be better in the world?”

The pair’s conversation took a political turn after Harris asked the senior how she became interested and active in politics. Avery credited her love for the California lawmaker, specifically, to her performance during the hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“Really I think it goes back to you. During the Kavanaugh hearings was so inspiring. Not just how you questioned him but also how you applauded her for courage,” Avery said. “It meant so much to me to be able to see you lead like that.”

“It was very frustrating,” Harris said, thinking back to the contentious confirmation process. “From beginning to end because everything from not having a real process to — there should have been a real FBI investigation, a robust investigation.”

“I specialized for so much of my career in crimes against women and children. And for her to be treated so badly just made me mad because she was living a very good private life,” she continued, applauding Ford’s “courage” and “personal sacrifice.”

Harris said Ford’s testimony inspired many, including Avery, who took her feelings “into a role of leadership.”

“When I see her next, I will tell her about Avery,” Harris said.

“You inspire so many people who you may not even realize are being inspired. That’s what Dr. Ford did for you, and that’s what you’re doing for so many people,” she added.

The pair eventually put the cookies in the oven, and the video switched to a scene of Harris sitting at a table, marveling over the baked good’s texture.

“Oh, look at how that just bends, right?” Harris remarked.

“It’s just a peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie in one,” she said with amazement. “I now realize what this is.”

“I’m so happy to spend time with you; you’re amazing,” Avery said at the end of the video, prompting Harris to say, “We’re amazing, are you kidding me?”

The video concluded with an overlay of Harris’s website’s url, along with another highlight of Harris cracking an egg with one hand.


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