Team Trump Ad Features Joe Biden Use of a Teleprompter During Interviews

A new Trump campaign ad features Joe Biden's use of a teleprompter during interviews.
YouTube/Donald J. Trump

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign released an ad Wednesday featuring former Vice President Joe Biden using a teleprompter in interviews.

The video features multiple incidents suggesting that the former vice president was using a teleprompter during interviews, including a reflection of a teleprompter in a framed photo.

Other incidents in the video show Biden motioning for aides to scroll the teleprompter up or move it closer.

The ad also features video from Fox News host Brett Baier questioning Biden’s National Press Secretary TJ Ducklo about the issue.

Ducklo famously was unable to answer the question after Baier pressed him for a “yes or no” answer.

Trump has repeatedly mocked Biden’s dependence on a teleprompter, frequently doing interviews from his basement in Delaware.

“I think the media is disgracing themselves,” Trump said in a phone interview with Sean Hannity on September 9. “But it’s obvious that Joe is reading the answers off a teleprompter in many cases.”


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