Report: Mail-in Ballots Stolen from Mailboxes in Colorado Springs

Stolen Mail-In Ballot
News 13

One Colorado Springs resident says he and his neighbors had mail-in ballots and other mail items stolen from their mailboxes, raising more concerns about the safety around voting by mail.

“I didn’t think much of it until I talked to a neighbor and realized ballots had been sent out on the Friday before and that everybody in the neighborhood received ballots that day,” Barry Dunlap said in an interview with KRDO.

Dunlap told the local news outlet that the U.S Postal Service told him that they located his ballot discarded miles away from his home.

“I was contacted by the U.S Postal Service and they said they found it in an out-going mail drop in the other side of town.”

Another Colorado Springs resident, Dave Lundsten, said he witnessed an individual riding a bike going through his mail box.

“He just happened to come down and opened up my mailbox to look in there, and my camera caught that. He didn’t look very old. Maybe 18 or 19,” Lundsten judged.

He said the suspect failed to steal any mail.


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