Florida Man Accused of Illegally Changing Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Address in Voting System

Anthony Steven Guevara
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

A 20-year-old Florida man is accused of illegally hacking into the state’s voting system to change Gov. Ron DeSantis’s address, a change the governor noticed when he went to cast his vote on Monday.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said in a statement that DeSantis noticed his address in the Florida voting registration database was switched to an address in West Palm Beach.

FDLE agents said the switch was made over the computer and discovered Anthony Steven Guevara, 20, was the perpetrator.

Guevara told officials he changed the governor’s address in the voter registration database and even walked them through the process of how he did it, WINK reported.

The FDLE also believes that Guevara hacked into the voter registrations of Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), and basketball stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James, but made no changes.

WPTV reported that Guevara, who has been arrested, faces two felony counts of property crimes and one count of altering a voter registration without consent.

Guevara was booked into the Collier County Jail, where he remains as of Wednesday on a $5,000 bond, WBBH reported.


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