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Barack Obama Picks Michael Jordan over LeBron James

In a recent interview conducted by Britain’s Prince Harry, former President Barack Obama settled the question over who is better: Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Turns out, Obama decided to stick with the “Chicago guy.”


Despite His Record, LeBron James Deemed ‘Better Than Jordan’ for Liberal Comments

After the front gate at LeBron James’ Los Angeles home was defaced with a racial epithet, many sports writers rushed to his support even before any investigation determined just what happened. As a result of the incident, one writer even proclaimed James better than Michael Jordon even though James’ playing record has not yet approached Jordan’s achievements.

A racial insult was spray-painted upon the front gates of NBA superstar LeBron James's Los Angeles home

Michael Jordan Ranked Greatest Athlete of All Time

A New Harris poll determining who Americans view as the greatest athlete of all time maintained the status quo from the last time Harris conducted the survey in 2009: Michael Jordan still tops the list.

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LeBron James Pulls Out Miracle Michael Jordan Never Did

Michael Jordan never had to take the road without his best two teammates and beat a team that was 47-3 at home. LeBron James’ ability to do that last night, and his history of improving teams more than Jordan, forces the comparison.

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Watch: Jon Stewart Rips ‘Cheating F**k’ Tom Brady over DeflateGate

Jon Stewart blasted Tom Brady on Thursday night’s episode of the Daily Show, calling him a “cheating f**k” after an NFL investigation concluded that the quarterback likely knew that his footballs were being deflated in last year’s AFC championship game.

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Jack Haley Remembered as Important Cog in Chicago Bulls Championship Machine

He was called a bench warmer, the best 15th man of all-time, and a babysitter to Dennis Rodman. All were true at some point, but Jack Haley was much more. The former UCLA center and nine-year NBA player died this week of heart disease. He was only 51 years old. Haley is being remembered fondly.

Jack Haley