Nolte: Trump Camp Rips Fox News — ‘Finger on the Scale for Joe Biden’

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 30: US President Donald Trump speaks to the press outside of the
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The Trump campaign released a scathing statement Thursday ripping into Fox News for putting “a finger on the scale for Joe Biden” after the fake news outlet called Arizona early for the decrepit Democrat.

“A Clinton-Voting, Biden-Donating Democrat Runs the Fox News Decision Desk,” the statement reads in bold.

“Democrat operative put his finger on the scale and declared Joe Biden the winner before the votes were counted,” the statement accurately adds.

“Aaron Mishkin, the director of Fox News’ election decision desk, prematurely called Arizona for Joe Biden before hundreds of thousands of ballots had been counted,” the statement continues. “Even left-leaning election analysts like Nate Silver have criticized his decision.”

You can read the full thing below…

There is no question that Mishkin and Fox News deliberately called Arizona early on Tuesday in a deliberate attempt to rig a close presidential election where who was perceived to be the winner would be very important going forward.

Fox News refused to call easy pro-Trump states like Texas, still hasn’t called Alaska, but Arizona — which is still way too close to call according to everyone, including Democrats, Fox called immediately and prematurely, not because the numbers were there, but to shift the Trump-Is-Winning narrative in the event of a close election.

Which is what happened.

It worked.

Worse still, Fox won’t retract the call, which means Fox will declare Joe Biden president-elect before all the votes have been counted.

Fox News is worse than CNN and will hopefully never recover from this. Their reputation is shot and they deserve to lose all their right-leaning viewers.

The reason Fox News is worse than CNN is because CNN only claims to be objective and unbiased — which is a lie of course, but nowhere near as wicked as the Fox News lie — which is to lure us into believing Fox News is on our side.

Fox News is not on our side.

CNN at least hates us to our face.

Fox News slips roofies in our drinks.

Fox News laughs at its viewers, abuses its viewers, despises its viewers, and remains number one because, for some reason, millions of people cannot live without the sewer that is cable news — all cable news.

Fox News is garbage. Just like CNN and MSNBC, Fox News is trash. I have been saying this for years. In March it will be five years since I disconnected that trash from my house. You’d be wise to do the same.

You’re not missing anything!

Fox News doesn’t teach you anything, it certainly doesn’t edify.

Only boobs watch Fox News.

Look at their fake polling.

Stop watching Fox News.

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