NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox: If Hillary’s Coming for Our Guns, She ‘Better Pack a Lunch’

Chris Cox NRA

During the May 20 NRA Leadership Forum in Louisville, Kentucky, NRA-ILA executive Chris Cox said that Hillary Clinton better “better pack a lunch” if she plans to come for guns.

Cox said this after highlighting the utter hypocrisy of Clinton’s push to disarm law-abiding citizens while she lives every moment of every day with the benefit of armed security.

Cox said:

For 20 years, Hillary Clinton hasn’t taken a walk, a nap, or a bathroom break without a good guy with a gun there to protect her. And as long as she lives, she’ll never have to dial 911. Yet she wants us to surrender our firearms and our freedom in return for a false promise of government-provided security that she will never rely upon herself.

Cox went on to explain that Clinton views herself as set apart from the average Americans who make this country great. He said, “To Hillary it’s simple: She’s special, and we’re not. She’s smart, and we’re dumb.”

He concluded:

You want to take our guns? Get ready Hillary. Pack a lunch and give it a try. We’ve been here for a 145 years, you know where to find us, and we’re not going anywhere.

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