Gun-Toting Senior: ‘My Friends Like To Knit, I Like to Shoot’

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As senior citizens continue to be a driving force behind record firearm sales, one gun-toting senior says, “My friends like to knit, I like to shoot.”

Every Tuesday the doors of Frontier Justice gun shop in Lee’s Summit, Missouri open to a morning crowd of seniors who are there to shot and hone their ability to defend their own lives and the lives of loved ones, should they be attacked.

According to the Kansas City Star, Frontier Justice president Bren Brown said she understands the trepidation seniors feel. Brown said:

With ISIS in the news and mass shootings and current events that are happening around the world, I think it brings to the forefront all people’s sense of need to protect their family and to protect themselves. And certainly one of the most vulnerable components of our society are seniors.

Sixty-five year-old Janet Kirce–a Frontier Justice regular–said she used to shoot as a kid and enjoys the fact that she has been able to start shooting again. She and her husband, Jack, both have their concealed carry permits and both carry semiautomatic handguns for self-defense. Seventy-Nine year-old Jack said, “I hope I never have to use it. But if I have to, I’ve got it.”

The NRA reports a quadrupling of seniors taking “basic firearms training courses taught by NRA instructors” since 2010. The number of people represented by that quadrupling exceeds “the 265 percent increase in all demographics taking firearm training during the same period.”

Women are another growing demographic among gun enthusiasts and represent a surging number of concealed carry permit holders in America. In fact, on July 28 Breitbart News reported a Crime Prevention Research Center study showing that twice as many women as men were getting concealed permits during President Obama’s second term.

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