Democrat Congressional Candidate: Okay to Call 911 on Open Carriers if You Feel ‘Uncomfortable’

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Congressional candidate Jane Dittmar (D-VA) used a Facebook post to tell supporters to dial 911 if they felt “uncomfortable” with people openly carrying firearms.

Dittmar was referencing a Donald Trump supporter who sat outside her Palmyra campaign office for 12 hours on Thursday, hoping he could draw people to Trump.

The Trump supporter, Danial Parks, said, “I’m just trying to provide a voice for someone who might be closet supporters of Trump. Other people that are a little worried to speak out because of possible persecution.”

CBS 19 reports that Parks was openly and legally carrying a firearm and that he was later joined by another Trump supporter who was carrying a firearm as well.

Dittmar volunteer, Su Wolff, was bothered by how long Parks stood outside the office. She said, “If he wants to support his candidate that’s fine, but don’t come here and stare into the office all day.” She was also bothered that Parks’ gun was visible whenever his side was turned toward people walking past or toward him.

Candidate Dittmar took to Facebook over the Trump supporters, writing:

We’d like you to be aware of a situation at our Fluvanna County campaign office. There is a Trump supporter who has been sitting outside of our Fluvanna campaign office who is armed. We have alerted local law enforcement who are monitoring the situation. If you feel uncomfortable at all, we encourage you to call 911 or contact us at 434-218-2120. Everyone please stay safe.

Dittmar is a gun control candidate. On June 20–just eight days after the horrendous Orlando terror attack–she called for criminal background checks for every gun purchase and claimed such checks “help save lives and help keep guns out of the hands of people we know to be violent, mentally ill, or associated with terrorism.” She did not mention that the Orlando attacker passed a criminal background check for both his weapons.

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