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Dave, You're Fired

Dear Mr. Letterman, Several weeks ago I wrote you a heartfelt letter expressing my concern for the direction that your show was headed. I am sad to see that you have not only not reined in the nastiness, but that

Conan O'Brien: Class Act and Worthy 'Tonight Show' Successor

Although I rarely find any interest in the entertainment industry, I am very glad to see Conan O’Brien become the head of the “Tonight Show.” His ascension to the throne continues a tradition that Johnny Carson brought forth and Jay

Review: Corked

I had the pleasure of seeing an independent film named “Corked,” a movie that satirizes the pomposity and smugness of the culture of Sonoma Wine Country. As somebody who does not drink alcohol, does not go to independent films, and

A Nation of Celebrity Twit(terer)s

Not since the creation of the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos has something so useless entered American culture with such fanfare. Americans are all atwitter about Twitter. It was bad enough when people began chatting with total strangers online

The Goode, the Bad and the New York Times

A new television animation show will be debuting tonight on ABC, and it has the potential to be really “Goode.” “The Goode Family” is the story of a politically correct family of environmental zealots and there are two reasons I

Note to Wanda: Obama and Limbaugh Agree on Same-Sex Marriage

Wanda Sykes has decided to be the latest celebrity to cross the line from comedy into hate speech. Her refusal to let other leftists have all the fun without any social consequences has led her to embrace Ideological Bigotry. At

Jon Stewart Courageously Defends His Bottom Flank

It takes a big man to admit he screwed up and take a principled stand. It takes a phony liberal elitist to apologize for the sake of protecting his television ratings. Jon Stewart makes Arlen Specter look principled. Like Pee

Dom DeLuise: Larger than Life

Farewell, Captain Chaos. The great ones leave us way too soon. Dom DeLuise has left the road on Earth for the big racetrack in the sky. As a young boy, Burt Reynolds was my hero. Yet every hero needs a

Celebrity Apprentice: Trump Gets It

I have said on more than one occasion that I admire Donald Trump, and that I enjoy watching “the Apprentice,” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” A recent episode I watched reinforced my sentiments. Yes, Donald Trump likes to do things in grand

Bea Arthur: Farewell to a Likable Feminist

Comedians have lost a target, and the rest of the entertainment industry has lost a jewel. Bea Arthur is no longer with us. She died peaceably at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 86. As a humanitarian,

Happy 70th Lee Majors

Well I’m not the kind to kiss and tell, but I’ve been seen with Farrah… I’ve never been with anything less than a 9…so fine… I’ve been on fire with Sally Field, gone fast with a girl named Bo… But

From Susan Boyle to Janeane Garofalo

True beauty and true ugliness do not enter the room quietly. They barrel in, and spread quickly. Within hours of each other, extreme beauty and extreme ugliness came in different forms, overwhelming lesser matters. A woman named Susan Boyle walked

Killing Hollywood Pirates One by One

They plunder. They kidnap. They ransom. They steal. They kill. They are destroying the fabric of world civilization. They are pirates, and piracy must be stopped. Yes, Hollywood is filled with terrible individuals that must be reigned in. Sure, I

Happy Passover, Shannen Doherty

On April 12th, 1971, Shannen Maria Doherty entered the world. April 12th, 2009, came and went, and she and I are still not back together. The rumors that we are a couple have to stop, and they have to stop

Dear Dave

Dear David Letterman, I am writing this to you as a man who has been a fan of yours for 25 years, who does not go to sleep until I see the Top 10 List. I cracked up when you