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4th Of July Parades In Middle America

I smiled when I saw a recent headline “Harvard: July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing.” I’m a product of Middle America, not quite a TV sitcom from the fifties, but my dad worked hard at a commissioned sales job, and my

Eric Holder: An Empty Gun

In my twenty-six years as a “street agent” with the FBI, I worked with some of the most dedicated state and local law enforcement officials in the nation. As we prepared the various operations, the question always came down to,

Learning Conservatism by Experience: Reagan and a Liberal Judge

Learning Conservatism: Pulled right by Reagan’s strength and character; pushed right by the actions of liberal Judge Terry J. Hatter (pictured here) We are shaped by our experiences… Jimmy Carter was my Commander-in-Chief when I spent four years on active

Exclusive: An Inside Look at Operation Smoking Dragon

This is no political commentary, just a semi-biased first person account of a case most of the media missed earlier this month…Operation Smoking Dragon. The good guys got it right and no one seemed to care. Much of my twenty-six

Happy 234th Birthday to the Marines

Earlier this year as I was filling up at the gas station I noticed a faded bumper sticker- vintage Bush 43-on the car next to me: “Dissent is Patriotic.” When I pointed to the bumper and asked the driver if

The CIA and the Statute of Limitations

I’ll try to make this short…last week I wrote about my concerns over the naming of a special federal prosecutor to re-examine the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques by the CIA. I have appeared on several radio shows since the

CIA Watch Your Back

Among my former associates at the FBI, New York Times bestselling novelist Vince Flynn is a favorite. His protagonist Mitch Rapp, a counter-terrorism specialist for the CIA, is the talk whenever Flynn releases a new political thriller. Possibly the highest

Ice-breaker Questions Courtesy of the Feds

Back in the late seventies I spent four years on active duty in the Marine Corps. As my military obligation was nearing completion I began a job search in the private and public sector. I narrowed my public sector job

ObamaCare and the Post Office

In “The Last Undercover” I chronicle my three year infiltration of NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association. I allude to another undercover investigation but do not discuss it in detail because criminal prosecution is still pending. So while

Book Review: Senator Jim DeMint's 'Saving Freedom'

When I first met Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) in February of this year (full disclosure: we have the same publisher, Fidelis Books) I heard him say something that resonated…”We’ve been duped into believing government alone can solve our country’s problems.

An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

Ms. Pelosi: I’ll make this brief because I know you are busy. I wanted to remind you of the oath you first took in 1987 and reaffirm at the start of each new Congress. It reads: I do solemnly swear

All the Tea Bags in China

Had Hollywood been in charge of casting I would have never been offered the role…a white man targeting an Asian organized crime syndicate. But Hollywood and the bad guys didn’t understand my “motivation.” If I sold myself as a criminal

The VP's Tithe

Earlier this week, UPI reported Vice-President Joe Biden and his wife released their 2008 tax returns and while the Second Couple had an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $269,256, they gave a mere $1,885 to charity. Not quite the Biblical

'We Serve Too': Some People Get It

I recently saw “Brothers at War,” a powerful new documentary by Jake Rademacher. As I exited the theater I quickly put on my sunglasses. I’m sure it was just allergies…macho undercover FBI agents don’t cry…but my eyes were misting up.

An Argument for States Rights

Relax…this is not another NAMBLA story but give me a break. If you spent three years infiltrating a group of pedophiles you’d have a few stories serving as life lessons. NAMBLA has a magazine but not a centerfold. If they

America's Heroes

During my undercover career in the FBI, I often reflected on a verse from the “Original Testament,” as Ron Silver liked to call it. Moses told Joshua, “The Lord himself will go before and be with you. He will never

Taxes: A Horse of a Different Color

After spending twenty-six years in the FBI, many of those years in various undercover roles, I’m not a big fan of reality shows. I guess I have had my fill of “reality.” But I’m hooked on “Jockeys,” a new show

North Korean Counterfeit And Few Seemed To Care

As I recall, the words to Jim Croce’s song from the early seventies went something like this: You don’t tug on Superman’s cape You don’t spit into the wind You don’t pass counterfeit currency in old Las Vegas And you

Single Moms and NAMBLA

With a lot of smiles and an occasional out loud laugh, I read Ann Coulter’s latest book “Guilty.” Once again with her no-holds barred writing style she takes on some of America’s most sacred cows. You want controversy? How about