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Pennywise, Securityfoolish

The Wall Street Journal argues persuasively that America’s current economic woes are rooted not in “imperial overstretch” (liberal historian Paul Kennedy’s phrase) but rather in “entitlement overstretch” (as described by military historian Andrew Krepinevich). That is, the economic crisis is

Bernard Lewis: 'Gradual' Mideast Democratization the Wiser Course

In an extensive conversation the renowned Islamic scholar Lewis, 94, recently expounded on the root cause of the region-wide eruption of protests, and urged the West not to press for a fast and fitful rush by Arab countries toward Western-style

Yale and Media Honchos Abuse Free Speech

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has ranked Yale University as among the worst violators of free speech on U.S. campuses. Alum Michael Rubin, writing at Commentary, provides examples: In 2009, Yale College Dean Mary Miller censored the

Why Won't Obama ask Gaddafi to Step Down? It's About Oil….and More

Since Dan Friedman asked that question here on Big Peace, other commentators are further questioning why, on the one hand, the White House finally (after confidence-shattering vacillation) decided to come down hard on, and ostentatiously demanded basic reform from, our

The MSM Kowtows To the Brotherhood

Jose Maria Aznar, former prime minister of Spain, grasps how free people should respond to the revolt in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East: On the one hand, they must do all within their power to “support those seeking

WikiLeaks Harms Global Security

Julian Assange Reckless transparency comes at a high price – Security. In an extensive update on the WikiLeaks’ torrential release of State Department cables (login required to read whole article), Oxford Analytica, an international consulting firm providing geopolitical analysis of

Wallowing in Bias at NYU J-School

A recent event at New York University’s Carter Journalism Institute is a prime example of politicized, dumbed down, parodic “education” geared to desensitizing students to the seeking of truth based on evidence and historical facts. More exactly, this occasion –

Critics Deride Obama's "Pro-Business" India Approach

The New York Post reports that President Obama’s purpose in including more than 250 business executives in his vast entourage in Mumbai is to promote job-hatching, cross-continental business deals. Another story, from the New York Times, adds that this export-promoting

The New York Times on Imam Rauf: The Journalism That Failed

Andrew Bostom, whose trenchant scholarly work on Islam deserves more attention, rightly compares Anne Barnard’s sanitized profile in the New York Times of the Ground Zero Mosque’s originator, Imam Feisal Rauf, to Communist agitprop. For Bostom, Barnard’s “Balancing Act for

U.S. State Department is Building… Mosques

What else is the State Department larding out, at hard-pressed taxpayers’ expense, to facilitate “understanding” with the Muslim world? What else, that is, in addition to Ground-Zero-Mega-Mosque Imam Rauf’s likely fund-raising gig in five, oil rich countries? Just as it

'Non-Terrorist' Taliban's Slaughter of Aid Team Latest in Atrocities

The Taliban – never formally recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S. – took credit for the recent execution of ten Western doctors, nurses and translators in northern Afghanistan, where they were delivering free medical care to the poor.

Can Current Administration Oversee Necessary Defense Adaptations?

Threats to our national security are always with us. Because they endlessly mutate, preparation for our defense must be visionary, flexible and ongoing. Can it be said, in current times, that the U.S. is successfully adapting its national defense priorities

Is the Press Corps Finally Rebelling Against Obama's Habitual Secrecy?

The Obama administration’s now-habitual restrictions on the media and press freedom on vital but politically touchy issues are the most severe, extreme and orchestrated ever witnessed in this nation. Reporters were shut out, for example, during Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin

Mush From the Wimp: Obama, Orwell and National-Security Psychobabble

With its unprecedented decision to sanitize the basic document defining U.S. national security strategy – cleanse from it terms that connect Islam to terror, jihad, extremism and the like – President Obama is once again propagating Orwellian babble. And there’s

'Race To the Top' Is Great — Unless You're a Charter School

Liberal pundits are racing to heap praise on the Obama Administration’s award of hundreds of millions of dollars in education grants to Delaware and Tennessee – the result of the first round of the Race to the Top competition among

The MSM and Obama's 'Medi-Grab': Let Their Punishment Fit the Crime

The Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner remarks that President Obama’s efforts to force his health-care bill on a very skittish Congress are beginning to look like an arm-twisting scene from “The Sopranos.” Those who back his proposal receive special favors whereas,

Amazing Feats of Intellectual and Moral Contortion for Only Two Bucks!

The religiously pro-abortion New York Times recently gave needed, though less than straightforward coverage to the pro-life outreach, only recently successful, to black women regarding abortion. The issue, long neglected by the MSM, is significant: Although blacks make up only

By Dawn's Early Light: How the MSM Fawns over Johnsen

Despite repeated, uxorious, absurdly one-sided endorsements from the liberal media, the February 4 vote on President Obama’s year-old nomination of “darling of the left” Dawn Johnsen to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) has mercifully been postponed.

Rethinking Bush: A Year Later, How the MSM Cracked Up

The mainstream media’s headlong and heady descent into denigrating George W. Bush over the last decade signaled a dark moment in media history that has surely damaged American consciousness. Caught up in “Bush-bashing,” the MSM reached a critical turning point,

Blackguards – Media and 'Justice' – Gang Up on Blackwater

Think press malpractice when, in political matters, you hear prosecutorial malpractice. Indictments by the Justice Department against five former security guards for Xe, the private-security firm and military contractor formerly known as Blackwater, were recently jettisoned by a D.C. district