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'Daily Show' Interview Damaged Both Stewart & Obama

The President has made no secret of his love of a fight. He’s been heard to council his party faithful to bring a gun to a challenger’s knife fight and when punched, he suggests hitting back twice as hard. But

Speech Police: 'Blazing Saddles' Would Never Get Made Today

One of the finest comedy movies ever made was the Mel Brooks classic “Blazing Saddles.” It’s a cult classic that’s still aired on TV today. The film’s dialogue is riddled with racist, sexist, bigoted speech. The “N” word is used

Move Over Talk Radio – Comedy Needs the Fairness Doctrine

October 6th, 2009 -the Comedy Fairness Doctrine was conceived. A liberal civil war was declared. CNN versus Saturday Night Live. The cable news network turned their heat seeking missiles of truth detection on the laser-guided precision of punchlines delivered on

Confessions of a Letterman Intern

David Letterman inspired my broadcasting career. Twenty years ago, he was an awkward, self-deprecating guy who wore tennis shoes with his blazer and tie. He was edgy, silly, and unconventional compared to the traditions of variety television at that time.

If Obama Loses Jon Stewart, He's Lost America

July 15th, 2009 – a day that shall live in comedic infamy. The Obama administration’s first direct hit from reliably friendly allies. Former Saturday Night Live star, now stand up comic Dana Carvey was the guest on the new Tonight

Ari and Rahm: No Business Like Show Business

The Brothers Emanuel: Ari (L) – Rahm (R) July 31st, 2006 – Hollywood, California: At a time of escalating tensions in the world, the entertainment industry cannot idly stand by and allow Mel Gibson to get away with such tragically

Sarah Palin: It's Her Party And She'll Resign If She Wants To

It has been amusing to watch the speculation of the Alaska Governor’s motivations and future aspirations after announcing her resignation last Friday. Senate bid? “No, Alaskans would never forgive her for leaving them” said the Sunday shows. Presidential bid? “Not

A Devastating Week for Elitism

What do a Hall of Fame football coach and broadcaster, an overnight British vocal sensation, and several hundred thousand American taxpayers have in common? Quite a bit, as it turned out last week. Not because any of them had anything