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Wisconsin and the Rise of Government Unions

Wisconsin and the Rise of Government Unions

Unions now subsist on taxpayer dollars. This year’s annual BLS report on union data reaffirmed a decade old trend: union growth is predicated on an ever-growing government. 2012 marks the third consecutive year there were more public sector union member

Obama Kills Keystone Pipeline and Thousands of Jobs

Despite an anemic economic recovery and an increasingly antagonistic Iran, President Obama decided to kill the Keystone XL pipeline. Creating thousands of jobs and securing American access to oil, the much-discussed Keystone project would transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada

Obama Uses Debt Crisis to Raise Taxes

After months of sitting on the sidelines, President Obama has injected himself into debt limit talks. Unfortunately, the president’s proposals are anything but novel–tax increases on oil and natural gas companies–and are unlikely to break the current impasse. Tax hikes

The Problem with Ethanol Is the Mandate

After a decade of experimenting with mandates, tax credits and tariffs, a national consensus has been reached that ethanol is just not worth it. Late to arrive at this conclusion are farmers, their Congressional representatives, and presidential candidates eager to

Union v House Republican Showdown Scheduled for Next Week

Ever since Obama was sworn in, obscure federal agencies have been churning out pro-labor, anti-worker rulemakings in an attempt to reverse declining unionization numbers. Indicative of this unionization through regulation strategy is the National Mediation Board’s (NMB) minority rule decision

After Consistently Losing Elections, Unions Ask Feds for Help

With public sentiment turning against organized labor, unions have enlisted obscure federal bureaucrats to help bolster their ranks. The Department of Labor has been busy rolling back transparency initiatives put in place during the last decade; the National Labor Relations