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10 Cinematic Clichés That Must Live!

James Hudnall had a right-on post about 10 Cinematic Clichés That Must Die!, which he followed up with 10 more. I agree, but I offer my list of characters to replace them. 1. The Crazed Vietnam Vet. It started in

Will Ferrell: BDS Addict

Thirty years ago, actor James Whitmore did a one-man show called “Give ’em Hell, Harry,” about President Truman. It was a fascinating tribute to a man who left the White House unpopular over a war that everyone said was unnecessary.

Starlet Says Winning The War 'Doesn't Matter'

The Associated Press quoted the starlet as saying: “I hope that the war resolves. Whether we win or lose or whatever, it doesn’t matter.” I am not knocking her. She’s 16. I don’t expect her to politically aware. And although

Tom Hanks Will Decide Who's Un-American

It was two degrees this morning when I left Poca, West Virginia, for work at six. But that was not as cold as I felt after reading this at noon on the Fox News site: “Tom Hanks Says Mormon Supporters