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Honoring 2012's Best Country Albums, Looking Ahead to 2013

Honoring 2012's Best Country Albums, Looking Ahead to 2013

In some ways, this isn’t the greatest time for fans of country music. And by “fans of country music,” I mean “people who genuinely like to listen to good music, not loud, mindless party anthems.” For one thing, ageism continues

Top 5 Country Albums of 2011

To be a country music fan these days is to be part of a quarrelsome bunch. The consensus seems to be that “real country” is the only kind worth listening to–yet no one can seem to agree on what “real

'Edwin Drood' – A Mystery That Shouldn't Be Missed

This February marks the 200th birthday of the man whom some have called the greatest novelist who ever lived. All kinds of tributes are in the works for Charles Dickens’ bicentennial, including biographies, festivals and three new adaptations (one feature

The Jackie Kennedy Tapes and the Media's Double Standard

The day before the release of Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy, the Washington Post’s “Reliable Source” column ran a few of the juicier tidbits from Mrs. Kennedy’s taped interviews. Among those tidbits: “She calls [Martin

Fox Network's Teen Choice Awards a Total Turnoff

Every year around this time, the Fox network takes it upon itself to remind us of the cultural poverty in which America’s teens are growing up. The annual Teen Choice Awards is a sort of showcase of the very worst

Are the Arts Gay Enough?

You know the problem with the arts these days? In case you didn’t know, Philip Kennicott will be happy to tell you. The problem with the arts, he says, is that they’re homophobic. Quit laughing. In a recent Washington Post

Sexual Assault: If She's Conservative, It's Funny!

An excerpt from Bristol Palin’s new book, Not Afraid of Life, was circulated online after the book was leaked to the press. In it, Bristol recounts how she lost her virginity to Levi Johnston after he got her so drunk