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'The Arroyo' Border Thriller: Action-Packed … and Prescient

'The Arroyo' Border Thriller: Action-Packed … and Prescient

Our border is under assault, from within and without. And the American people are rising up. On June 10 Eric Cantor became the first House Majority Leader in the history of the country to be defeated in his primary. His

Andrew's Politics: He Hated Bullies

Andrew's Politics: He Hated Bullies

I first met Andrew Breitbart sitting in a secret meeting at an undisclosed location for an organization that doesn’t exist. Being a conservative in Hollywood can be daunting, especially back when President Bush was in the White House. Every now

Anne Rice and Hollywood Christianity

Anne Rice has left Christianity. “In the name of Christ,” says Rice, she can no longer, “belong to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group.” Rice went on to say, “I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be

Howard Zinn: Hollywood's Favorite 'Communist' Historian

Don’t expect Matt Damon or Josh Brolin or any of the other celebrities and Hollywood producers behind the History Channel’s The People Speak to issue apologies for their celebration of leftist professor and author Howard Zinn in light of the

BARACK THE VOTE: Rock the Vote Violates its Tax-Exempt Status?

In Texas we have an expression: Saying it don’t make it so. The proof of the saying is all around us. Take for instance the latest video from that national treasure Naked Emperor News which shows then candidate Barack Obama

Olbermann Demonizes Robertson, Misses Christian's Charity

This week, thousands of Haitians will be the beneficiaries of Pat Robertson. In fact, long before the horrific earthquake struck on Tuesday, when many of the more fashionable humanitarians who always flock to every tragedy probably would have been hard-pressed

'Learn to Speak Tea Bag': NPR's Ignorance Worse than Malice

I enjoy NPR. That is not to say I think the government should be funding radio programs (actually, in NPR’s case, they don’t). It is also not to say that NPR is not at times pretty left-leaning. Of course they

'Learn to Speak Tea Bag': NPR's Ignorance Worse than Malice

I enjoy NPR. That is not to say I think the government should be funding radio programs (actually, in NPR’s case, they don’t). It is also not to say that NPR is not at times pretty left-leaning. Of course they

Coming to a School Near You: The Dangerous Religion of Howard Zinn

Sunday night, the History Channel airs The People Speak, a star-studded presentation of Howard Zinn’s Voices of A People’s History of the United States. Accompanying this series is the Zinn Education Project, a curriculum meant to expose children from pre-school

'Not Evil, Just Wrong': The Human Cost of Environmentalism

Last Friday, America was introduced to documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer when he asked an inconvenient question of former vice-president and multi-millionaire climate-change spokesperson Al Gore. The terse exchange has become a hit on YouTube, and has afforded Phelim several appearances

SHOCK! Rush Limbaugh Embraces Capitalism

I do not listen to the Rush Limbaugh Show. That is not to say that I think he of the golden microphone is not worth listening to. On the contrary, I think that Rush might be the most important voice

Obama Threatens the Peace of the World, How I Learned to Love the Bomb

This week, President Obama took the unprecedented step of personally chairing a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. In an address to the General Assembly the day before, The President of the United States, with American power and influence

A Christian Nation

In the comment section of a recent post, I drew some fire for making the following, apparently shocking claim: We [Americans] see America, from the Pilgrims who signed the Mayflower Compact to the Biblical scholars… who birthed the nation, to

In Defense of the Birthers

I am not a Birther. Which is not to say that I think the question of Barack Obama’s US citizenship has in anyway been adequately answered, it has scarcely even been addressed other than through sneers and accusations of racism

The Day After: My First Impression of Sarah Palin

I wrote this piece for some friends a week after John McCain named a relatively unknown woman from Alaska as his running mate. Since only ten people ever read it, I thought I would re-post it here, perhaps the most

Encroaching Government Ensures We're Not Free

Americans beware. You are not free. Worse, you are being made more and more a slave each day by the very people who tell you incessantly that you are. In fact, the very word itself, FREEDOM, has become your enemy,

Lessons From the Movies: 'I was born a poor black child.'

In the comedy classic, “The Jerk,” Steve Martin begins his sad tale with the famous line, “I was born a poor black child…” He isn’t kidding. The film revolves around the life of a pale-skinned, white-haired man who firmly believes

Hero-Worship and God-Kings

God-kings are not new on the stage of human history, nor do they exclusively occupy the dusty corners of the distant past. One need only look to the Japanese worship of Emperor Hirohito during World War II to see that

USO: How Hollywood Serves

The last guy you want to meet in the entertainment industry is a writer. We just aren’t very interesting. Sure, guys like Joss Whedon seem cool, but that’s only when compared to other writers. Put him in a room with