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Obama Pressures Great Britain Not to Leave European Union

Obama Pressures Great Britain Not to Leave European Union

Noteveryone is happy with UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision togive the British people an opportunity to leave the European Union (EU).If he is re-elected, Cameron has promised to hold an in-or-out votebefore the end of 2017.  Yet with the

From Iowa: Pawlenty Out, Santorum Staying In

Ames, Iowa – Now that Tim Pawlenty has become the first candidate to end his presidential campaign political junkies are consumed with who’s next? Despite finishing behind Pawlenty former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum promised me he isn’t going anywhere, “We

WI Leftist's Vulgar Attack on Female Tea Party Speakers

Tricia Willoughby, fourteen, kicked off the Madison Tea Party by reflecting on America’s revolt against British tyranny. Apparently such patriotic words were too much for the Trumka-Obama mob. One man responded by screaming, ” who the fuck are you to

UN Military Forces Supercede Ivory Coast's Sovereignty

The UN’s blatant disregard for state sovereignty and its decision to choose a winner is outrageous. With the advance of rebel forces, on Monday U.N. peacekeepers and French troops launched it’s own military offensive against Ivory Coast President, Laurent Gbagbo.

The Wisconsin 'Dirty Dozen'

“If there are doctors and teachers doing that sort of thing, abusing the system, that’s outrageous.” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Governor, you are absolutely correct. Sadly, it’s not a question of “if”, but rather, HOW MANY? Dr. Adam B. is