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INTERVIEW: John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting)

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to John Ondrasik, aka Five For Fighting, and told me he was making a music video to help raise money for a military charity called Operation Home Front. I knew, right

Polanski, NAMBLA and Checking Our Moral Compass

Whoopi Goldberg said on The View it wasn’t “rape-rape.” No, it was non-consensual anal intercourse of a child. Are we so perverted we will excuse such conduct because the perpetrator is an “artist?” With all the unpleasantness that’s been in

'Grateful Nation' Debuts Tomorrow on ESPN2

On Saturday, October 3rd, a fantastic new show premieres on ESPN2. “Grateful Nation is a unique and compelling outdoor adventure series that goes behind the scenes and into the field with American Veterans. Hosted by Airborne Ranger Tim Abell, this

Honoring September 11th: Serve and Remember

President Obama has designated September 11th as The National Day of Service and Remembrance. Remember. [youtube 1lKZqqSI9-s nolink] — Serve. [youtube ZosOAgaGiS4 nolink] — [youtube dqkU3WSfw9Y nolink] — [youtube ra7Hu6Jr4gY nolink] — [youtube N054vBjjW_s nolink] — Thank you to all

Why You Should Read and Support Michael Yon

When I saw that Michael Yon had joined us here at Big Hollywood, I was overjoyed. This is a great opportunity to expand his audience and, frankly, everyone should read his stuff. Yon has been embedding with military units in

Interview: 'Getting it Right' with Captain Dale Dye

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a man who has helped bring to life some of my favorite films, series and projects. Captain Dale Dye, USMC (Ret.) has enjoyed an incredible career in Hollywood as an actor, a

Troopathon 2009: A Friend in Hollywood

I just wanted to drop a quick note to all members of the extended military family: active duty personnel, veterans and those who stay behind to keep the home fires warm. Thank you. To those on active duty, I say

'Taking Chance' Delivers Moving Tribute

HBO premiered “Taking Chance,” starring Kevin Bacon, on Saturday night. If you haven’t seen it yet, make time to watch it. “Taking Chance” is unlike any Iraq War movie we’ve seen, thus far, in that it steers clear of any

Adrian Brody

I like him. Good actor. Gave a heartfelt shout out to the troops when he won.

"Mommy, Did Daddy Rape People in the War?"

I imagine this question will be heard in homes across America in years to come. And why not? We’ve been told by Hollywood that members of our military are rapists, cold blooded killers, and more. They are taking part in