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The Yemen Youth Revolution


Anger and frustration fill the hearts of the Youth in Yemen. They are ready for freedom and democracy, yet their government prohibits it. Thousands of anti-corruption students have filled the streets since February of 2011, as they protest the distant, dictatorship that has run their

country for the past 32 years. The youth are tired of the reigning President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

With great energy, and vigor the youth have taken Yemen by storm. A well-known activist, Atiaf Alwazir, gives her explanation as to why the youth are revolting: “We want independent institutions with an independent judiciary. We want the release of hundreds of political detainees. We want an end to the corruption. We want improved health care. We want better education.”

The revolution is increasing, with thousands of protesters lining the streets every day. The Yemen Youth have taken their protests a step further, to Social Media sites. They now have a Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, and YouTube Videos (organized under the hashtag #SupportYemen). These individuals are dedicated to their cause and they will not stop until their voice is heard.These ongoing protests have initiated controversy within the country. Though the revolutionaries cling to peaceful protests, their events have turned violent in many cases. The current regime has made it clear that they are very much against the change these young Yemenis are striving for.

Just recently the Yemen Youth have come out with a new YouTube video called “Break the Silence”. It is a black and white montage of different young activists explaining the purpose behind their protests. Within the video it is obvious that they are not going anywhere. They promise to continue the protests until Freedom and Democracy reign within the borders of Yemen.

These young Yemenis believe in this cause, and they desire Liberty in Yemen. As one of the activists said, “We will continue doing it [Protesting], peacefully and with pride.”

Thank you to these young Patriots for their strength in taking on the dictatorship of Yemen. They are ready for change, and they will not stop until it is accomplished.

Support Yemen’s Latest YouTube Video, “Break the Silence”:

[youtube t3w1wjjLb5Q nolink]

Support Yemen’s Official Twitter:!/SupportYemen

Support Yemen’s Official Facebook:


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