Conservative Country Stars to 'Rock the Red' in Charlotte

Conservative Country Stars to 'Rock the Red' in Charlotte

As Democrats are preparing to bring the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to Charlotte, Conservatives are also planning an event all of their own in the North Carolina city. Some of the top country music artists have already signed up to play Rock the Red, a decidedly Right-friendly event.

Rock the Red is the Queen City’s alternative to the DNC. The event will be held Sept. 5 during the DNC at the Bojangles Coliseum. It will be an evening packed with top Conservative leaders and country artists. The event’s director has confirmed that the Charlie Daniel’s Band, Travis Tritt, Lee Brice and Kelly Collins are among the stars ready to rock Charlotte.

The Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation’s Values Bus will also be at the event to assist in registering voters and to spread the vital Conservative message to all of the attendees.

With ticket prices starting at just $25 this event is the perfect night out for families and Conservatives. A limited number of tickets without a TicketMaster fee are available if you act quickly.

More information and speakers for Rock the Red event will be released within the next few weeks through the event’s Twitter, Facebook page and website