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Samiul Alam Rajan: Video of 13-Year-Old Boy Beaten to Death Rocks Bangladesh

Authorities in Bangladesh are on the hunt for a gang of killers who killed a young boy, as protests break out across the country over the video of the incident the killers posted online. Samiul Alam Rajan, 13, was violently beaten to death by a murderous gang that accused him of stealing a rickshaw.


These are the Three American Prisoners Abandoned by the Iran Nuclear Deal

Last year, the Senate called on President Obama to “use the tools it has in pursuit of what should be a bipartisan goal: securing the release of American citizens being held as hostages by the regime in Iran.” Today, in the announcement of a nuclear deal with Iran that ignores the plight of these three hostages, the Obama administration has left behind a Christian preacher, a journalist, and a U.S. Marine.


Tibetan Monk Issued Life Sentence Dies in Chinese Prison

Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, 65, a Tibetan monk and prominent political prisoner, died in Chinese captivity on Sunday. In 2002, he was arrested and imprisoned on a bombing charge his supporters claim was wrongful. The United States, European Union, and international human rights organizations all pushed for his release.

AP Photo/Ashwini Bhatia

EU Official Says Migrant Boats Also Carry ISIS Terrorists

Michele Coninsx, the chief of the European Union’s agency that investigates terrorism, told the media that she has been given reports of ISIS-linked terrorists making their way into Europe on boats also carrying migrants.

European terror attacks

‘Hikikomori’: Japan Faces Epidemic of Young Men Never Leaving Their Rooms

Japanese health officials are attempting to deal with a growing problem—a million young adults, mostly men, have locked themselves in their bedrooms and are refusing to come out. This condition, called “hikikomori” by Japanese health professionals, is deeply troubling Japanese leaders.


90s Reggae Star Shaggy Offers Solution to ISIS: ‘Jamaican Weed’

Reggae artist Shaggy has proposed a solution to the growing problems with the Islamic State in the Middle East: make the terrorists listen to his music and smoke weed. In an interview with the Miami New Times, the genius behind works like “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me” expressed his thoughts on ISIS.

Grammy reggae star 'Shaggy' dances at hi

ISIS Executes Two Accused of Distributing Anti-Sharia Pamphlets

Newly released video shows two media activists in Raqqa, Syria being killed by ISIS executioners. Both men were 21-years -old. Their names were Bashar Abdul Atheem and Faisal Hasan Al Habib. Unconfirmed reports suggest they worked for the group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.

ISIS propaganda video

Czech Airports Report Massive Influx of Illegal Immigrants

Police report that they have arrested double the number of illegal immigrants at Czech international airports as they did last year. Most of the aliens were arrested at Prague’s international airport, and a sizeable number of them arrived on planes from Turkey and Greece.


Officials Confirm: ‘No Shooter’ at DC Navy Yard

WASHINGTON DC—Law enforcement officials confirmed at a press conference on Thursday morning that no evidence of a shooter has been found at the DC Navy Yard. The Navy Yard remained on lockdown during the press conference.

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Greek Nationals Flee to Australia to Escape Financial Crisis

In the wake of the growing financial crisis, thousands of Greek nationals are fleeing their homeland. Tens of thousands have ended up in Australia. It is the largest wave of migration from Greece to Australia since hundreds of thousands fled the march of fascism in World War II.


Four Thousand Christian Families Flee Syrian Town After ISIS Capture

Last week, ISIS continued its campaign to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, this time forcing 4,000 Christian families to flee their homes as they overran the city of Hassakeh. According to reports, at least 120,000 were part of the mass exodus. Most of the Christian families are seeking refuge in the nearby city of Qamishli.


‘Death Spiral’: Puerto Rico Faces $72 Billion Debt Default

Puerto Rico’s governor said that the U.S. territory was in a “death spiral” and may default on the $72 billion debt it has accrued. “Even if we raise revenues and cut costs, the magnitude of the problem is such that we would not resolve anything given the weight of the debt we’re dragging,” the Democratic governor, Garcia Padilla, said in a public address.

Alejandro Garcia Padilla

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Student Leader Allegedly Assaulted for Political Views

Joshua Wong, 18, a student leader of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, was assaulted by an as-of-yet unidentified attacker. Wong was out on a date with his girlfriend when the assailant attacked him and his girlfriend outside a movie theater near the site of important protests from last year.

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

Report: Turkey Forces Yazidi Refugees to Turn Back at Bulgarian Border

Turkish forces are reportedly forcing refugees fleeing the chaos of the Middle East to turn back from the border with Bulgaria. According to reports, as many as 600 refugees, including women and children, are being forced to return to their camps in Turkey now.


Kuwait Identifies ISIS Suicide Bomber Responsible for Mosque Attack

Kuwaiti authorities have announced that they believe they know that the ISIS-linked suicide bomber who killed dozens of people in a Shia mosque this Friday is a Saudi national. Kuwait’s Interior Minister identified the attack as Fahad Suleiman Abdulmohsen-Gabaa.

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