Michael Zak

Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Here

I’m a warrior trained by Khalid Muhammad I’m a terrorist trained by Usama bin Laden Demolitionist, breaking down the walls of the rotten Never hit and miss So, first time, take out your target You want freedom? You’re gonna have

The Ku Klux Klan, Terrorist Wing of the Democratic Party

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has falsely accused the Tea Party of having ties to the Ku Klux Klan. Speaking at the NAACP convention, she said: “All those who wore sheets a long time ago lifted them off to wear

Hope and Change and the Scariest Movie Scene Ever

Horror movie buffs may be surprised to know that the scariest scene in the history of cinema has no slasher or space creature or ferocious beast. There’s a monster alright, but it’s a different kind of monster. Not an imaginary

The First-ever Republican State Convention

In 1854, the Democrats in control of the 33rd Congress were moving toward passage of their Kansas-Nebraska Act, allowing slavery to expand into the western territories. Championing the bill was Stephen Douglas, the senator who would be the Democratic Party’s

Know your Republican Heritage – QUIZ #1

Republicans should welcome a comparison of the history of the GOP with that of the Democratic Party – the party of slavery and socialism, Big Government and the Ku Klux Klan. To quote from chapter one of Back to Basics

Barack and Benito

Barack Obama’s infamous phrase “Just words. Just speeches” keeps ringing in my ears. While the U.S. economy crumbles and the world teeters toward war, the President busies himself with words and speeches (not to mention photo ops and vacations and

Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Rand Paul’s controversial remarks about the 1964 Civil Rights Act illustrate what I have been saying for years, that Republicans would benefit tremendously from knowing and appreciating the heritage of our Grand Old Party. That landmark legislation was the culmination

What is a Right?

Civil rights. Inalienable rights. Human rights. Animal rights. Individual rights. Group rights. God-given rights. Sacred rights. Natural rights. Positive rights. Negative rights. Children’s rights. Parent’s rights. Patient’s rights. Property rights. Personal rights. Basics rights. Fundamental rights. Just what is a

Tim Kaine and the Democrats' Southern Strategy

After my article last week, Michael Steele and the Southern Strategy, now is time for some truth-telling about the Democratic Party. The Democrats’ own southern strategy was far, far worse than even worst accusations aimed at the Republicans. In his

Michael Steele and the Southern Strategy

David Weigel, at The Washington Post, asked me to comment on Michael Steele’s view of the so-called Southern Strategy. Speaking at DePaul University on April 20, RNC Chairman Michael Steele urged Republican leaders to work with the Tea Parties. He

DC Emancipation Day, thanks to the Republican Party

Republicans would benefit tremendously from appreciating the heritage of our Grand Old Party, founded in 1854 to oppose the Democrats’ pro-slavery, anti-freedom agenda. As they campaign for the mid-term elections, Republicans should ignore the lefty media spin and recognize that

Has the Republican National Committee Ever Fired its Chairman? You betcha!

In 1864, the GOP relabeled itself the “National Union Party” in an effort to attract moderate Democrats in support of President Lincoln’s re-election. To reach out even further to Democrats, the convention dumped the Republican vice president, Hannibal Hamlin, from

Yes, It Can Happen Here

In 1935, Sinclair Lewis wrote a novel that envisioned a political tragedy akin to the Obama administration. It Can’t Happen Here is the story of Berzilius Windrip, a Democrat senator nominated for the presidency. A charming, charismatic demagogue, he is

ObamaCare Is the Democrats' New Kansas-Nebraska Act

Has the Democratic Party ever enacted a law as atrocious as its government takeover of the American people’s healthcare? Has the Democratic Party ever enacted a law so unpopular? Yes and Yes. In 1854, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress

The Healthcare Bill Would Be Obama's 'Enabling Act'

Why are Barack Obama and other Democrat leaders so intent on passing a government takeover of healthcare now…Now…NOW? They must know that costs will rise and the quality of care will fall, right? They must know that Obamacare would destroy

ACORN and the Ku Klux Klan

Last week, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a crime syndicate dedicated to tightening the Democratic Party’s grip on America, dissolved its national structure. Too much of ACORN’s corruption had been exposed to public scrutiny for it to

Colin Powell's Endorsement of Barack Obama Will Live… in Infamy

For more than a year after Barack Obama became president, there was no word from Colin Powell about a man he described as having “great insight into the challenges we’re facing of a military and political and economic nature.” Today,

The Republican Party Began as a Tea Party Movement

Republicans should welcome a comparison of their party’s history with that of the Democrats – the party of slavery and socialism, Big Government and the Ku Klux Klan. As Republicans try to repel the socialist onslaught, the way to win