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Let Freedom Drink in Pennsylvania

Later this month, Pennsylvania lawmakers will return to debate privatizing state-owned liquor stores. Yes, for our friends in California, Texas, Florida or any of the 30 states that have never seen a government-run liquor store, Pennsylvania state government remains in

Pennsylvania Dems Push for Highest Natural Gas Tax in US

This week, the Pennsylvania House Democrats unveiled a new tax proposal, which would give Pennsylvania the highest severance tax in the nation–on top of current taxes. Natural gas exploration has become a modern-day gold rush, spurring development across the United

Specter Library, Murtha Center Part of Pennsylvania's Budget

This week, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell will sign his eighth and final state budget (term limits prevent him from seeking re-election). The budget passed with no tax increase, and represents $1 billion less than Gov. Rendell requested. However, the budget

Misinformation Fuels Leftists Attacks on Natural Gas

The extraction of shale natural gas is set to become a major growth industry in the United States. Recently, Amy Myers Jaffa wrote in the Wall Street Journal that natural gas could become “the game-changing resource of the decade.” Already

Pennsylvania Grants Film Maker Shyamalan $35 Million Tax Break

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film production, The Last Airbender, was recently awarded over $35 million in film tax credits from Pennsylvania over two years. The award is the largest in the history of Pennsylvania’s Film Tax Credit (FTC), breaking the

PA Attorney General Subpoenas Twitter for User Names

Some news of the weird – and wired: The office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, as part of an ongoing grand jury investigation, has filed a subpoena against Twitter to reveal the names of two anonymous Twitter accounts. The