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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert to Everyday Americans: Drop Dead!

By now, you’ve probably heard about what Politico is billing as a potential “October surprise” – a “Rally to Restore Sanity,” planned for October 30th on the Mall in Washington and hosted by the brilliant comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen

Hollywood to Nashville & Gulf: Drop Dead!

So what gives? Are these areas just not glamorous enough? Do celebs not want to further highlight The One’s pathetic response? Celebrities love causes. They love them for a couple of reasons: one, it makes them seem like “serious” people

Rock Rebel Embraces 'The Man': Sting Wants Bigger Government (For Us)

Former Police frontman Gordon “Sting” Sumner has once again made news – this time with his insistence that “the people” are clamoring for big government (read: a socialist nanny state): “Well, you can see the enthusiasm out there. And people

NBC's Chuck Todd Protects Turf, Blasts 'Drudge-Driven' Journalism

In a recent interview with Tommy Christopher from Mediaite, NBC’s Chuck Todd was asked, “To what degree do you think the opinion media influence the questions that are asked here?” “Here” refers to the White House press room. Todd replies

My Top 10 Least Anticipated Movies for 2010

The year has barely begun and there are plenty of movies in the can awaiting their big screen release. Looking at the list, I can only admit to being stoked about two: Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter and the

What Was Missing from the SOTU Address

Wednesday nights, I usually watch “Ghost Hunters” on the SyFy Channel. Yes, I am one of those geeks. But this week, I set the DVR so that I could watch President Obama give the annual State of the Union address

BARACK THE VOTE: A Who's Who of Those Targeting Our Youth

Back in December, Rock the Vote came out with a video featuring Eva Amurri and Zach Gilford – who the hell are they, anyway? Guess I’m not young enough to rock — and a bunch of other unknown wannabe actors

REVIEW: 'Bump+' Dares to Take on Abortion 'Reality'

Abortion is a sensitive topic no matter which side of the argument you support. And when I was asked to review the first episode of a web show called “Bump+,” I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do it. When

ONE YEAR GONE: Hope and Change – Miss Bush Yet?

One of the things I think most about is national security. Oh sure, my posts here at Big Hollywood are usually snarky takes on the idiocy we witness daily from clueless Hollywoodites like James Cameron, but national security issues feature

Scott Brown Win 'Stunning'? Only to Out-of-Touch Media

Headlines like the ones below tell the story: “Democrats point fingers after stunning loss” “GOP Win in Mass. Puts Dems on Offensive – Scott Brown’s Surprise Senate Victory Has Democrats Scrambling to Regain Footing” “GOP Senate Victory Stuns Democrats” “In